Alibabacoin Foundation Announces New Goal of Collaboration with Shopping Malls

October 09 02:10 2018

Alibabacoin Foundation announced that Alibabacoin (ABBC) can be used in large internet shopping malls around the world. Jason Daniel Paul Philip, CEO of Alibabacoin Foundation, who gained more trust and beliefs from more users by keeping promises to users by listing Alibabacoin (ABBC) in 9 differ, now announces their next major goal. He announced that Alibabacoin (ABBC) can be used as payment in 30 different most famous shopping malls around the including Amazon, eBay, and more and that users can expect a launch of its own online shopping mall in the United States by the end of 2018.

Alibabacoin Foundation has changed its strategy quickly to provide maximum benefits to their coin holders in the market when cryptocurrency prices were declining, giving anticipation to coin holders. In addition to the same-day listing in nine different exchanges, this new announcement of the availability of Allibabacoin in famous shopping malls is another benefit for coin holders.  Also, any cryptocurrency implemented in Alibabacoin (ABBC) Multi-Crypto Wallet will be available in all online shopping malls that can use Alibabacoin (ABBC).

In addition to these, Alibabacoin (ABBC) multi-crypto wallet has high-security features with facial recognition technology which will be more convenient and secure way for people to use while shopping with Alibabacoin (ABBC). Alibabacoin (ABBC) which is making innovation in the cryptocurrency market is surely one of the coins that attract attention in the second half of 2018. 

Alibabacoin announced that they are making a first-time-in-history event in the cryptocurrency market by listing on 9 different exchanges on 8th October.

Alibabacoin Foundation will make a record in block-chain technology through the listing and will be a cryptocurrency that people can use it in their daily lives. Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the CEO of Alibabacoin Foundation said it has created a new paradigm for the cryptocurrency market by enabling Alibabacoin (ABBC) to be traded in 9 different exchanges and expects to make a big change in the market by allowing Alibabacoin (ABBC) to be used in famous online shopping malls. 

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