CryptoKrunch’s ICO Artificial Intelligence rating platform eliminates opinion-based ranking systems

October 16 01:55 2018
AI ratings predict the likelihood of ICO success

San Francisco, California – Blockchain-based ICOs continue to be released around the world. The number of possible ICOs on the market means that crypto-believers need more guidance to select the right ones and avoid scams. There are websites dedicated to rating ICOs, but they use human prediction as the basis for creating their rankings. It leads to a high degree of subjectivity and biases. The launch of CryptoKrunch has eliminated opinion-based ranking systems and given ICO investors more certainty in their selection.

CryptoKrunch, the world’s first and only Artificial Intelligence driven ICO rating platform, has continued its stellar growth since launching in the summer of 2018. Shortly after the CryptoKrunch rating platform launched, it saw its traffic increase by four digit percent, reaching 150,000 unique monthly users, according to Google Analytics.

The CryptoKrunch website is fuelled by scientific data. CryptoKrunch bases its ratings on the market past performance along with current news and trends. CryptoKrunch identified 200 key raw features grouped in 9 key sections and collected this data on more than 1 000 past ICOs. In all, CryptoKrunch collected more than a Million data points.

Based on collected explanatory data enriched with Projects past performance statistics, CryptoKrunch Data Science Team trains its predictive Models. Machine Learning states that understanding past is the key for predicting future: team uses these trained models on past ICO to predict the future performance of future ICOs.

So, in the end this data work leads to the the Artificial Intelligence-driven ICO Scores, which is basically a prediction of the ICO’s future and its likelihood to succeed. CryptoKrunch is already proving to be an extremely useful tool for users as they no longer base their decisions on human opinion, but on Data. The scientific approach means a rating isn’t swayed by outside forces likely to change an opinion.
Moreover, to keep the scorings up to date, CryptoKrunch collects relevant news about the market, cryptocurrencies, their performances, and more. This allows Artificial Intelligence to tune the model in a best way.

The revolutionary platform has a sharp focus not only on cryptocurrency experts, but on cryptocurrency beginners as well. Platform has a lot of useful information: from Wiki guides for beginners (how to buy bitcoin, which wallet to select, what is an ICO) to the ultimate short main news section “Daily Crypto Digest”.

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About CryptoKrunch
Formed by three friends working in the Financial, Data Science and Consulting sectors, CryptoKrunch offers news, information, and ICO ratings based on Artificial Intelligence generated data. CryptoKrunch is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence ICO ratings system. The data-driven Platform gives users information on which ICOs will have the most likelihood of success. CryptoKrunch developed a tool that eliminates human opinion when making ICO participance decision. CryptoKrunch’s goal is to provide accurate and transparent news and information about the cryptocurrency world.

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