Millions of Social Media Views and Sports Players Posts Led to Massive Growth for Outlaw Masks

December 14 07:54 2020
Two Florida founders get viral TikTok views by having NBA and NFL players wear their fashionable pandemic face mask brand.

When sales and marketing executives Carlos Gil and Reggie Williams lost their jobs during the pandemic, they quickly turned to create a business that’ll answer the need for stylish pandemic gears. The two used digital marketing to promote Outlaw Masks, a fashionable type of face mask. After a few months, the brand received millions of TikTok views from their engaging content, including NBA and NFL player endorsements. Now, they recently launched their gaiters and fashionable ventless masks. Apart from this, Outlaw Masks is also set to introduce the third expansion of its “Rep Yo’ City” collection, the founders’ way of paying homage to cities across the US.

“For any startup, getting others to notice that you exist is no easy task. However, sending masks to NBA players along with documenting our journey on TikTok to the tune of millions of views has been critical to our initial success,” said Carlos Gil, Co-Founder of Outlaw Masks.

Gil and Williams initially sent masks to NBA players early on. The players wore them, and the two harnessed the power of social media to share their stories. The result is a series of viral videos and an expansion of one of their collections to serve the public’s need for both fashion and protection. The brand continues to receive millions of TikTok views per week and has players across NBA and NFL wearing their masks.

“Whether it’s us showing others the process of growing a startup or giving masks to frontline workers at Walmart or Home Depot, people who see us on TikTok are seeing two entrepreneurs who like them, have also been affected by the pandemic. They want to see us win,” added Reggie Williams, Co-Founder of Outlaw Masks.

Outlaw Masks believes that protection is crucial during these trying times, but users should not be compromising style.

Outlaw Masks’ “Rep Yo’ City” collection, which was initially rolled out in August with Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat colorways to represent the cities that the founders represent, has been a success. Gil’s from Miami, and Williams is from LA. This achievement gave way to the rollout of 32 new colorways of NFL teams. Now, the collection’s next wave set will be inspired by NBA team cities.

Outlaw Masks are designed with replaceable carbon activated filter. This material can filter out 95% of pollutants, assuring the safety of its users. Its flexible aluminum nose clip guarantees proper fit to avoid any leakage while the mask sits comfortably on the face. Outlaw Masks are also made up of durable and washable neoprene fabric for quality and hygiene secured with velcro lock.

Outlaw Masks’ initiative also helps the community as a portion of its revenue goes to the COVID-19 Response Fund.

Outlaw Masks also offers exclusively designed graphic shirts in their online store. Visit to know more.

About Outlaw Masks

Outlaw Masks are designed for safety, style, and comfort, even if one has to mask up for hours at a time. Now, people can protect themselves and look like badass at the same time.

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