Resgreen Group Inc. (Stock Symbol: RGGI), an Established Maker of Industrial Robotic Products Introduces Wanda, a Disinfecting Mobile Robot in Response to the Pandemic

December 15 13:09 2020
Resgreen Group Inc. (Stock Symbol: RGGI), an Established Maker of Industrial Robotic Products Introduces Wanda, a Disinfecting Mobile Robot in Response to the Pandemic
Pull Buddy Robot Also Ready for Commercial Use

  • Robotic Systems Developer with Years of Successful Experience. 

  • Wanda Disinfecting Robot Just Introduced that Sterilizes with UV Light. 

  • Pull Buddy Load Moving Robot Completed and Ready for Commercial Use.

  • Working Agreement with Local 3-D Printing Company. 

Resgreen Group International, Inc. (OTC:
RGGI) develops AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) for the manufacturing industry. RGGI is using certain Know-how and Intellectual Property (IP) that it possesses and looks to acquire and develop components for material handling logistics and certain Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and mobile technologies. RGGI management has years of professional engineering experience in this space and plans to remain focused and highly motivated to execute on its business strategy to develop certain Automatic Guided Transports including AGV / AGC and Mobile COBOT.

RGGI has hard-earned tacit knowledge in the design and use of automated guided vehicles. From hardware engineering, software development, and intellectual property management, RGGI has the resources to help your automated and robotics initiatives. RGGI also provides consulting services including backend operational oversight, material handling assessment, work-flow analysis, and steady state yield management using artificial intelligence, technology, and management systems. For investors, the RGGI stock share structure is very attractive with 43.6 million shares outstanding and only 4.3 million shares in the public float. 

  • New Disinfecting Autonomous Mobile Robot to Meet Increasing Demand

On August 27
th RGGI unveiled designs of Wanda, an industry-changing, light-duty Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that uses UVC lights to disinfect everything from plants and warehouses to hotels, office buildings, and airplanes. Wanda will be equipped with dual 50-Watt UVC lights in the 254 – 270 nm range that kill 99 percent of harmful pathogens. 

Due to the 2020 pandemic, RGGI has been overwhelmed with requests for an unmanned vehicle that can sanitize facilities including government offices and many types of businesses. Managers simply can’t hire enough workers to consistently, thoroughly, and reliably disinfect spaces with 99 percent accuracy. 

Wanda will be the smallest vehicle in the RGGI product line-up. In addition to the sweeping UVC lights, Wanda will be able to carry more than 300 pounds of packages and mail. The vehicle’s base will be 3D printed in biodegradable sugar-based plastic. It will feature a lithium-ion battery for quick, opportunity charging to enable 24/7 operation without human intervention.

RGGI engineers are experienced in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of AMRs, Automatic Guided Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligent Robots – making it easy to quickly change course to rapidly design and develop Wanda. The UVC lights on Wanda break down the DNA or RNA of dangerous viruses and bacteria found in drinking water, wastewater, surfaces, and even air. To be most effective, the light needs to be able to reach all surfaces and equipment, including corners and underneath furniture. The autonomous vehicle will include human detection sensors to protect against unwanted exposure to UVC light.

  • Manufacturing of First Pull Buddy Autonomous Mobile Robot

On August 11
th RGGI announced the company had finished building its premier Pull Buddy Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) with rigorous floor testing of the vehicle including assessment of controls, PLC interface, laser safety devices, drive and power systems, traffic control, and WiFi communications. Pull Buddy provides advanced technology at a cost-effective price, allowing companies of all sizes to automate their manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Additionally, RGGI uses standard components in a simple design to significantly lower maintenance costs.

The RGGI Pull Buddy is unique because it will be able to move loads up to 2,000 pounds at 200 feet per minute, which is one of the fastest speeds in the industry.  It will also be one of the most cost-effective AMRs due to its modular design for easy manufacturing. Pull Buddy’s low-profile design, durability and affordability make it ideal for many applications, including moving dunnage at machining centers 

Pull Buddy will be guided by magnetic tape and use RFID tags that can be strategically placed along the path to notify the vehicle to perform a specific task such as stop and go, as well as raise or lower attached equipment like pop-up pins or scissor lifts. RFID tags can be conveniently programmed on the vehicle itself. Pull Buddy will be less than 11 inches in height, allowing it to tunnel under customized carriers. An automatic pin can be used to engage the carrier, deliver it to a destination, and then, disengage for its next assignment. 

Pully Buddy can also run 24/7 by using opportunity charging, where the vehicle’s battery is quickly charged at various stations set up along its path. And, the vehicle’s flexible design enables it to be used in nearly any application from assembly to warehouse delivery to removing garbage and waste.

  • Agreement to Work with 3D Printing Company Yellow Fox

On August 4
th RGGI announced a teaming up agreement with Yellow Fox, a nearby located company to help design different components and additions to the Pull Buddy product. Yellow Fox is in the business of 3D printing load handling frames for many different uses and applications.

RGGI believes that in working with Yellow Fox they will be able to help provide expertise in 3D Printing and manufacture parts to RGGI specifications that will be stronger, more durable, and more cost effective for both the manufacturing and shipping process in the long run. 

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