Concerned about mental health, 1ere Avenue launches a new campaign to help young girls

December 17 05:39 2020
1ere Avenue, being a boutique, asks the customers a simple question: how do they feel after trying on a new dress. The apparent, simple answer to this question isn’t always the reality, there is much more to that smile and glam. In an effort to understand the truth, 1ere Avenue has set out to ask the same question, but with a deeper answer. By providing a judgement-free platform, 1ere Avenue empowers young girls and urges others to do the same.

Montreal, Canada – Mental health has become a rising concern over the years. Many people are fighting wars inside their heads while putting on a happy face in front of the world. In an attempt to find out what’s really bothering mental health teenagers, especially young girls, 1ere Avenue takes necessary steps. A simple question like “How do you feel while wearing this dress?” can reveal a lot. And thus by providing them with a safe outlet, they can let go of their issues.

This question can be taken up a notch, and by getting deeper answers, their problems are understood to provide suitable help. More than often, it happens that different people might have different experiences, but the emotions and feelings are almost the same. 1ere Avenue lets women share their experiences and thus, with a safe, professional and a judgement-free zone, they can inspire others with their stories.

Women play an important role in today’s world, and if their mental health is upset, it can affect various other connected aspects of their lives as well as the lives of others around them. Seeing this issue, 1ere Avenue has taken onto themselves to rectify this menacing problem of such a colossal degree. By improving their mental health, and giving them the comfort that they require, the women of today can work at their full capacity and prove their expertise in all fields.

This awareness campaign launched by 1ere Avenue is seeing a positive response from those who participate. By answering exactly how they feel, and letting others into their world, these women contribute towards the betterment of the future of women and their mental well-being. Whatever the cause of them being upset might be, by just talking sincerely about it, this problem can most of the time be solved.

1ere Avenue is a luxury boutique, specializing in all sorts of dresses and evening gowns for proms, bridesmaids, maid of honors or mother of brides. The company is customer-focused and takes all the necessary steps to keep the customers happy and satisfied. With such a large collection of dresses, 1ere Avenue has become one of the favorite brands of customers. With the newly launched mental health awareness campaign, 1ere Avenue tries to understand the customers at a deeper level, in order to connect with them and help them to make this world a better place.

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