STEK NEX: window films with game-changing graphene cooling technology

December 22 03:51 2020

Graphene, a single layer of graphite arranged in a honeycomb structure, is an extremely light material over 200 times stronger than steel. The use of this revolutionary technology—with such valuable characteristics as high thermal and electrical conductivity—has predictably skyrocketed in recent years. A pivotal force across a variety of major industries, graphene currently lends its properties to everything from photovoltaics to water filtration. 

Unsurprisingly, graphene technology has also become a crucial component in the construction of modern window films. These films, which are installed on vehicle windows, control the amount of light that passes through the vehicle, protecting passengers from extreme heat and UV exposure. The addition of graphene allows heat to quickly dissipate to the film’s exterior, resulting in the efficient absorption of harmful infrared rays. 

STEK Automotive’s premium nano-ceramic window film, NEX, contains graphene as well as tungsten and antimony tin oxide—infrared-absorbing nanoparticles that effectively prevent heat from reaching vehicle interiors. Its metal-free structure also guarantees signal freedom, ensuring the continuous connectivity of all electronic devices. By blocking up to 95% of visible interior light, NEX additionally offers exceptional passenger privacy, while its 92% sun glare reduction rate dramatically reduces eye strain. With a 98% IR rejection rate, NEX’s steady regulation of UV transmittance keeps windows cool, significantly reducing the level and intensity of deterioration.

One of the first to recognize the market potential for consumer-oriented paint protection and window film products, STEK has led the automotive industry with its cutting-edge technologies since 1974. Based in the USA, STEK continues to refine its innovations through high investments in research and development, along with rigorous in-house testing and quality control measures. STEK currently exports its products to 43 countries across six continents, catering to both corporate and consumer needs.

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