2nd OJESH Style Awards – An Exquisite Fusion of Light Luxury and Art

December 22 15:09 2020

Romain Rolland said, “Art is a kind of enjoyment, the most fascinating enjoyment of all enjoyments.”

The beauty of art lies in its elegant subtleties that lurk behind forms and shapes, intertwined with sounds, heat, and fragrances that touch people’s heartstrings and leave its lasting impressions.

Bringing the European cultural heritage with itself, OJESH arrived in China and since then never ceased to surprise us with its dynamic presentation of oriental and western aesthetics. On 18-19 December, OJESH organized a cross-genre spectacle, combining art, fashion and entertainment, working together with the creative event location Shanghai Expo I-Pavilion. The 2nd OJESH Style Awards focused on the empowerment of modern women, pioneering a new trend in the industry. Mr. Wang Jiayi, Founder of the OJESH brand, Ms. Ning Rui, CEO in Greater China of Jassen Group Germany, Mr. Xiao Jianfeng, Head of OJESH Operation, Mr. Li Song, Director-in-Vice of Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co. Ltd, Mr. Xiang Yu, Head of OJESH Branding and Marketing, as well as fashion icon Mr Wu Bing, many partners of the industry and the distributors of OJESH attended the event to experience the mesmerizing aesthetics of OJESH, searching for the roots of its enchanting romance.  

Aesthetics and Craftmanship as an Art

The modern architecture of Shanghai Expo I-Pavilion melted into the starry night and appeared extraordinarily mystic with an extra artful touch that day. Opening the gate and stepping into the winding corridors of the exhibition area, the hall impressed its audience immediately with its elegant opulence.

One is immediately faced with three different experience areas in the hall. Each has a unique character displaying different time and space, but all adequately showcasing the magnificence of OJESH aesthetics, from traditional European architecture to modern fashion symbols. 

Stepping into the brand area, one is captivated by the beautiful juxtaposition of vintage and elegance, overlaid by a simple black-and-white palette. Here visitors can learn about the romantic beginnings of OJESH and indulge themselves in its beauty. 

Moving on, the interior is transformed with a luxury touch; Signature products are arranged like installation art pieces, displaying their lavish nourishing properties.

What followed was the poster area. Here we saw inspiring stories of OJESH distributors, whose charismatic aura fascinated the audience with confidence, elegance, and strength. That is “her” power, and the power of OJESH.

Cross-Genre Spectacle Displays Exquisite Taste

From skincare to fashion, OJESH has been experimenting and refining its bold approaches when it comes to the artistic manifestation of its brand. The 2nd OJESH Style Awards was joined by fashion icon Mr Wu Bing and numerous OJESH Ladies to stage a themed fashion show, embracing the endless possibilities of femininity and displaying female prowess.

Before the show kicked off, the Founder of OJESH, Mr Wang Jiayi gave an opening speech. “OJESH manifests the European understanding and interpretation of fashion, art, nature and beauty. By fusing elements from different cultures, a brand with a unique soul is created. The goal of this event is to convey this unique spirit of the brand to women around the world through different forms of art, so that they can feel the magic of OJESH”, said Mr Wang. 

The event, officially called “Irradiate Realm”, has four main chapters, all connected by the main theme “Radiance”. The OJESH Ladies and Mr Wu Bing jointly created a dreamy performance and an unforgettable spectacle, displaying the power of cross-genre events. The four chapters “Beginnings”, “Aspiration”, “Excellence” and “Brilliance” took turns to blur the boundaries between genres and mesmerize the audience with extravaganza. 

“Beginnings” – a state of youth, vitality and bold confidence; “Aspiration” – a quiet, down-to-earth power exuding an elegant charisma; “Excellence” – free, independent, aloof and authoritative; “Brilliance” – a state of being passionate, noble, dazzling, bohemian and unapologetically confident.

Globally Connected to Achieve Mission Beauty

From Germany to China, from annual conferences to fashion shows, OJESH not only effortlessly shifts between culture and art, it also targets a globalized development, hoping to further develop broader connections in the international market. At the 2nd OJESH Style Awards, the audience got a glance at the strategic developments of OJESH in 2021.

As the Founder of OJESH, Mr Wang Jiayi harbours the dream of creating a time-honored enterprise that will see the turn of the century. At the event, Mr Wang shared insights on the global strategic developments of OJESH. Germany is the origin as well as the heart of the brand. In 2021, OJESH will continue to pass on and display its European cultural heritage in innovative ways to further increase brand awareness globally. OJESH will be a brand needed by millions of women around the world. 

Born for love, in the pursuit of beauty. OJESH strives to build a platform for its partners where they can pursue a rewarding cause. Regarding the happiness philosophy of OJESH, CEO in Greater China of Jassen Group Germany, Ms. Ning Rui had great insights to share with the audience. She said, “OJESH wants to pass on happiness, the kind of happiness that comes from receiving and giving, from creating and achieving. Happiness is achieving balance between family and career, something that every woman can achieve.” In 2021, OJESH will reinforce its “Happiness Project”, launching new initiatives “Gifts of OJESH”, “OJESH Foundation” and “Happiness Gathering”. The goal is to spread the happiness philosophy of the brand through solidarity and charity. 

In the era of information explosion, everything is changing constantly and rapidly. OJESH strives to keep abreast with the times. Mr. Xiao, Head of OJESH Operation of OJESH, said that OJESH enjoyed a great success in 2020 despite of the pandemic and global downtrend, thanks to the great support from all OJESH partners. In 2021, the brand will continue to expand and explore new markets, steadily developing existing strategies from marketing, product portfolio, corporate training to joint projects. This should reinforce OJESH’s position as an international brand. 

Empowering and strengthening – from the aspects of branding, cross-genre cooperation and products, Mr Xiang, Head of OJESH Branding and Marketing, shared his insights on the power of brand. He said, “OJESH is not only a brand, it is a fusion of fashion, art, culture and aesthetics.” In 2020, OJESH will make more bold experiments with different genres, explore new paths and enrich its identity to realise sustainable growth.

Dean of OJESH Business School, Miss Kitty also shared her strategic plans for the coming year: strengthening team structures and expanding the teaching faculty. In 2021, OJESH Business School will shift its focus from “training and coaching” to “creating added-value” by optimizing system and creating new courses on entrepreneurship. The goal is to offer more comprehensive and more professional courses for OJESH Teams to create more added-value.

From the day of its creation, OJESH places great value on empowerment: OJESH encourages every female to realize their potential. The 2nd OJESH Style Awards adopted a European style and presented outstanding distributors with a trophy, which is a statue of the Goddess of Victory. The awards were giving out in two categories: “Super OJESH Global President” and “Star of the Future”.

Diversity and Creativity as a Cornerstone of OJESH’s Path to Success

The greatness of art lies in the fact that it can reflect authentic feelings, our inner life and a passionate world. From Europe to China, from 55 by the Group to Shanghai Expo I-Pavilion, from exclusive events to fashion shows, OJESH spares no effort in promoting the value of art, combining culture and fashion to forge a unique identity for OJESH. 

The 2nd OJESH Style Awards is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle fusing art, German craftmanship, high fashion, with a mission to illuminate the power of modern women. In the future, OJESH will continue to refine its brand philosophy, foster cross-over art forms and reinforce its identity as a globalized light-luxury innovative brand.

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