MUMUSK sauna suit, same exercise time double effectiveness, proven by clinical trial.

December 22 15:21 2020

Due to coronavirus, it has been difficult to exercise not only outdoor but also in indoor places where people gather. This caused many people to worry about sudden weight gain due to reduced activity. However, exercise is more important than anything else to strengthen immunity and stay healthy in these situations like this. MUMUSK, a premium sauna suit brand, recommends ways to enjoy exercising and to lose weight in a healthy way using sauna suits. Sauna suits are functional sportswear that help release sweat by increasing body temperature faster than the exercise intensity. Athletes who have to lose weight fast has been using it as it prevents joint injuries and controls their weight gain.

MUMUSK is a premium sauna suit brand founded by Choi Hyang-hee, a designer-turned-CEO of MUMUSK who has been working in the clothing industry for 30 years. CEO Choi saw the sauna suit worn by a boxer in the past and noticed the poor fit and fabric of vinyl and urethane materials. In response, CEO Choi developed a new material’s coating fabric for durability and moisture resistance. She made sauna suits lighter than ordinary sportswear using ultra-lightweight materials. For 10 years, CEO Choi continued studying the material and design of sauna suits to develop products for nonathletic people to easily wear.

Saram Sarang Co., Ltd. has developed and patented the Silverhilon8000, which is optimized for producing large amount of sweat in a short period with low-intensity exercise. MUMUSK’s sauna suit boasts an excellent function of keeping body temperature and locking up radiant heat. After signing an MOU with Yongin University’s Sports Wellness Research Center and conducting a clinical test together, it was confirmed that sweating continued for about 40 more minutes after a 20 minutes of exercise.

Saram Sarang Co., Ltd. will produce sauna suit by applying No. 10-1893567, the only patented fabric in Korea. Made of ultra-lightweight fabric, it is comfortable to wear when exercising and convenient to carry around. The spandex material, which combines polyester and polyurethane, ensures flexibility and makes activities easier. In addition, there are no toxic, formaldehyde, and bleach components added because it uses eco-friendly adhesive hot-melt material, which helps in releasing sweat with no harm. Saram Sarang also has a nontoxic test record of hot-melt material.

CEO Choi said, “At a time when exercise has become more important due to social situations, MUMUSK’s sauna suit aims to help modern people lose weight healthily with eco-friendly materials, light wear and cool design.” “It’s a functional sportswear, but it’s a sensual design, so it’s the first time in Korea to be introduced in a famous fashion magazine, so you can enjoy the best sports effect in a cool way,” she said with confidence in the brand.

Saram Sarang Co., Ltd. developed brands such as, MUMUSK, which includes patented Silverhilon8000 and eco-friendly hot-melt coating developed directly with high-end training suit materials. POINT FIXE which is optimized for yoga and fitness with strong span power. FLEXGEAR which is a waist trimmer sauna wrap made with patented silver coating and UNDERSKIN which is an active sports base layer brand.

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