Richard Troy, the Go-To Medical Blogger in Asia That Has the Answer to Every Question

January 26 12:15 2021
Being regarded by many as the number one medical blogger in Asia, Richard Troy heads MedTravel Asia as a medical professional providing the best support for those interested in medical tourism in Asia.

Richard Troy is a medical professional based in Asia, regarded by many as the number one medical blogger in Asia. After writing thorough and highly informative blog posts on medical topics in many different specialities – including IVF, plastic surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, cosmetics, dermatology, and infectious diseases – Richard has gained considerable attention for his well-researched content sourced from medical encyclopedia and published researched papers.

Using renowned social channels such as Quora and Instagram, Richard has gathered a strong following online. The medical professional has notably answered over 380 questions, gaining 780,000+ answer views and even getting his answers featured in Quora’s newsletter. Furthermore, he also has over 50,000 active followers on Instagram. Such an impactful social presence has enabled Richard to establish his own one stop medical tourism consultancy in Asia by the name of MedTravel Asia.

Speaking during a recent interview, Richard explained his journey thus far when he stated, “I moved to Thailand and launched MedTravel Asia, putting to good use all of the knowledge that I had built up caring for more than 15,000 patients during my time as a paramedic.” He further added, “I continue to study medicine in earnest, delving into the latest concepts and technologies, all the better to explain and inform my audience about what is going on in the medical field and where it appears to be headed.”

Through MedTravel Asia, Richard advises patients looking for medical care in Asia, and connects them with the best doctors and clinics related to their medical issue. He also reviews and vets the clinics and the doctors as well as the procedures they offer, the safety protocols, infection control policies, statistics on surgeries, and more; ensuring his clients get access to only the best assistance related medical tourism in Asia.

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MedTravel Asia is the one stop solution for medical tourism to Asia. The company connects patients from all over the world to hospitals and clinics in Asia, vetting and reviewing doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical procedures, SPAS and accomodation. MedTravel Asia also provides advice during their clients’ journey by a medical professional, ensuring they get the best information on all things health and medical related.

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