Atlanta-based packaging company creates contamination resistant packaging amidst pandemic crisis

January 26 12:27 2021
The Safe Sack is a company that leads a global community of contactless, tamper-evident packaging providers in the food, health, retail, and human services industry.

Atlanta, GA, United States – The concept of The Safe Sack was born to help the hospitality industry and grocery business thrive in the new age of safety expectations and empower business to nurture and grow their crisis struck customers in these tough times. The coronavirus pandemic widely impacted the vision of safety, and the creators of The Safe Sack chose to provide safety, security, and serenity to people in an unreliable and chaotic online delivery space by setting up tamper-evident, contamination resistant packaging to build a safer delivery community.

From a business perspective, The Safe Sack empowers a company to stay ahead of their competitors by providing their customer’s surefire safe packaging they want. The Safe Sack redefines quality assurance controls in the delivery space which is something that has the potential to be immensely popular in the time of this global pandemic. Businesses that are ready to help, nurture, retain, and grow their customers in these tough times would benefit from the use of this contamination resistant packaging. The Safe Sack is also customizable in order to give a personal touch based on the brand logo and contact details. The customized bag would have tamper-evident features along with four different color options. Businesses can print their own barcode and bring their own branding to safe packaging.

The Safe Sack as a company defines itself as creating and leading a global community of contactless, tamper-evident packaging providers in the food, health, retail, and human services industry. As their mission, The Safe Sack aims to serve the local and global communities in delivering safety and peace of mind. Their environmental-friendly, contactless, and tamper-evident delivery system keeps the economic ball rolling in these tough times by securing customers’ food, medicines, and grocery orders. As a diverse team of creative minds and thought leaders, they exist to protect businesses and communities now and in the post-pandemic world by revolutionizing flawed delivery processes.

With their production underway at full speed, The Safe Sack is currently looking for B2B business clients who would choose to carry their contamination resistant packaging for their own customers. The Safe Sack is also open to beta testing which is imperative given the crisis situation of the world while dealing with an ongoing pandemic. As a product of the hour, The Safe Sack is something that is needed in every household in terms of safety and security due to the extreme uncertainty surrounding consumers and businesses these days.

The Safe Sack features five different sizes of tamper-evident, contamination-resistant, eco-friendly, and COVID combatant packaging, with varying degrees of thickness and customizable options. In terms of production, through innovative drop-shipping, logistical set-up, and volume production contracts, The Safe Sack is able to cut the cost of packaging by offering 12-month contracts to clients, with monthly, quarterly, or annual delivery options.

The Safe Sack comes with a variety of features as it is an extremely easy to use bag. Once the food is placed inside, the protective layer on top acts as an adhesive strip and secures the bag completely. Once the bag reaches the customer, all they have to do is tear on the dotted line and reveal the goodies. The tamper-evident seal is what makes The Safe Sack incredibly unique and secure. Despite the secure seal and convenient rip-off tabs, the bag is equipped with sections for ventilation that keep the food from overheating. Once the food is put in, and adhesives have been pressed down, the food is completely safe from harm or contamination until it arrives to the customer. From a food delivery point of view, the bag has a wide top opening which sets the food in a snug and safe position without any chances of spills or slips.

The Safe Sack Tamper Evident tape features are designed to show clear and consistent visual evidence of any attempts to interfere with the contents of a sealed bag. The Safe Sack tape will defeat or deter anyone trying to gain unauthorized access to inside content which would include theft, adulteration, contamination, spills, and leaks. This secures absolute product integrity from the chef’s kitchen to customer’s table and protects original packaging and contents from contamination.

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