Why can’t the aluminum substrate be short-circuited

February 05 10:16 2021

Why wouldn’t the aluminum substrate pcb be short-circuited? Yongmingsheng professional aluminum substrate manufacturers to answer this question.

Aluminum substrate is a metal, but separated from the line by an insulating layer, will not be charged Aluminum substrate is a copper clad plate using aluminum as a substrate, with good heat dissipation.The need for good heat dissipation of the circuit board we will generally use aluminum substrate, in the application of LED lamps, because LED heat is large.

If the heat is not dissipated in time, brightness is easy to attenuate, and even burn out the chip. Aluminum is a metal, with good thermal conductivity, LED lamp beads installed on the aluminum substrate can quickly dissipate the heat. Aluminum substrate design has an insulating layer, is not conductive, if conductive, there is no way to design the circuit on it.

Aluminum substrate structure single-sided aluminum substrate generally has three layers, respectively, the line layer (copper foil), insulation layer and aluminum metal base. There is an insulating layer between the line layer and the aluminium base, so there is no short circuit.

High-end aluminum substrates with double layers have wiring layers on both sides, with an aluminum base in the middle of course. Multilayer aluminum substrates are rare. LED lamps are generally single-sided aluminum substrate, and the line layer is mounted with LED. The back aluminum base surface allows good contact with the radiator to dissipate the heat.

The insulation layer in aluminum substrate is the most important and the most core technology of aluminum substrate. It should not only stick to the copper foil, but also have good thermal conductivity. Because the aluminum substrate insulation layer is the biggest thermal conductivity barrier, if you can’t quickly transfer the heat of the copper foil to the aluminum substrate, the aluminum substrate is meaningless.

The above is the reason why the aluminum substrate will not short circuit.

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