How To Raise Good Kids During A Pandemic (without going crazy)

February 08 21:06 2021
New parenting course helps parents navigate evolving child behaviors through the pandemic and beyond.

Raising a child is a big responsibility. It is tough and frustrating but fulfilling. Raising a child during the pandemic is even more challenging. Mike Wallach, the creator of Starfish Parenting, would know. As a father of four (his fourth being born during the pandemic) and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, he has first-hand knowledge of the new and ever-changing struggles that parents face.

“Effectively approaching discipline, parenting from a genuinely loving place without losing your mind, nurturing a safe and healthy relationship with your child, and helping your kid become more self-disciplined is an ongoing challenge that I was noticing my clients consistently struggling with,” said Wallach. “I wanted to create a program that could help parents learn easy and practical ways to approach day-to-day interactions with their kids.”

Starfish Parenting launched a new private coaching package and its most recent online course, Stop Counting to 3: Impactful Parenting During a Pandemic and Beyond. This course will guide parents to understand what impacts their child’s behavior and how to respond in a meaningful way to connect with their child. Starfish Parenting offers programs specifically designed to help parents identify the root causes of their children’s behaviors and build a more positive relationship.

With the effects of the pandemic taking a toll on children, the lack of physical contact with families, friends, and the outside world makes them feel bored and frustrated. For this reason, Starfish Parenting encourages parents to know the causes of their children’s behavior so that it can be addressed the right way, especially during these trying times. “A child’s upbringing has long-term effects on him or her. Knowing simple and actionable steps from our course will help parents respond more calmly and appropriately while still in control. This way, it is easier for them to build a strong and healthy relationship with their children,” said Wallach.

With Starfish Parenting’s new course, parents can also learn Starfish Parenting’s unique “RIGHT Approach” method, as well as how to create a fuss-free home environment. The company strongly promotes a positive relationship between parents and their children; and believes that with proper understanding, children will grow up well-balanced and happy.

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Starfish Parenting is an online resource that offers programs that can help parents understand their children’s behavior and build a positive relationship. Starfish Parenting is led by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Mike Wallach, who is a father of four and has over 15 years of experience working with children.

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