Release of New Bonito Dashi ST8gX8P to US Customers Has Been Announced

February 09 16:27 2021

MARUTOMO CO., LTD. has announced the release of New Bonito Dashi ST8gX8P made using raw bonito flakes that are blended with a highly fragrant dashi or stock. The product will be available in the US as from January 1st 2021.

Speaking about the product, Hitoshi Imai, the CEO of the company announced that customers in the US can now experience the huge Japanese food flavor with the New Bonito Dashi ST8gX8P.

“As one of the country’s top companies and the first food manufacturing company in Japan to conform to standards set by HACCP, we are happy that the release of this product to the US market will make our customers experience the rich Japanese flavor in their delicacies,” he said.

Dashi is an important ingredient in Japanese cooking and it is usually used to provide the flavor base for the traditional Japanese dishes. The New Bonito Dashi ST8gX8P can be used to create a well-balanced seasoning that allows for making a full-fledged soup stock just by dissolving. It is also finished into easily soluble granules making it effortless to use in various situations.

To prepare it, one can use 1 teaspoon (4g) per 3 cups (600ml) of cold or hot water. You can then split the amount in half, using it at the beginning and the end of cooking and the result will be delicious.

Customers can easily place their orders through the Amazon.


Founded in 1918, Marutomo is a long-standing Japanese company with business spanning over 100 years. It is one of the country’s top companies and was also the first food manufacturing company in Japan to conform to standards set by HACCP, the world’s systematic manufacturing standard, and GMP.  We have a wide range of products and categories such as; bonito flake packs, flower bonito flakes, thick/mixed flakes, dried sardines, dashi stock etc. Products come as liquid dashi, powdered dashi packs and even pet food.

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