Glass Whiteboards Add Functionality And Aesthetic Appeal To Office Space

February 10 15:27 2021
Glass Whiteboards Add Functionality And Aesthetic Appeal To Office Space
Arcon Worldwide offers a new line of magnetic dry erase glass boards for attractive office or home office use. The boards are useful to handle creative bursts in an aesthetically appealing way.

Arcon Worldwide and Elise Kanipe are pleased to announce that the office seating distributor has added glass whiteboards to its products’ lineup. The glass marker surfaces provide opportunity and beauty for any wall space. The availability of the boards within easy reach allows for inspiration and creativity to be noted and discussed. Because the boards are aesthetically appealing and functional, they serve as welcome accouterments to any office or conference space.

Arcon Worldwide glass whiteboards are manufactured with faces of tempered glass. The corners are rounded or radiused, which ensures safety and comfort. The glass surface is designed to last over many years of service with no fading or ghosting. The boards are magnetic, so can they be used with heavy-duty magnets, rare earth design, which adds to the units’ versatility. They are also able to function as glass dry erase boards.

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The whiteboards are used successfully in a variety of environments and spaces. These range from educational facilities to home offices or memo areas to offices. They are also used in meeting rooms, libraries, dormitories, classrooms, and coffee houses. They are useful for posting menus in diners and food courts. In fact, anywhere people gather for collaboration purposes, the equipment can be helpful.

The marker boards are available in a range of helpful and useful sizes. These include glass marker boards as large as 48″ by 48″. Dry-erase boards as large as 48″ by 72″ are available, and the magnetic glass boards measure up to 48″ by 96″. A couple of the smaller magnetic marker boards can be placed on either a horizontal or vertical orientation. All of the selections are easy to clean, without the need for specialized tools and cleaning products.

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Arcon Worldwide is a global enterprise specializing in office seating and whiteboards in various sizes and types. The company ensures that conference spaces, home offices, and other meeting areas are functional as well as attractive.

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