A New Underwater Punching Bag, AquaBLAST Has ​Hit​ the Market

February 12 18:12 2021

AquaBLAST is a new, portable, punching bag that can be used in swimming pools. The patented, water-filled, punching bag uses water resistance and the weight of water, to give its users a full-body, low impact workout. The punching bag allows users to lift, kick and punch, as it floats on the surface of a pool.

Rob Magrino, CEO of AquaBLAST created the punching bag after sustaining a shoulder injury. Magrino used aquatic workouts to rehab his shoulder and came up with the device. He originally used a milk jug as his first underwater punching bag. He enjoyed his aquatic workouts but decided he could improve on his prototype and created the AquaBLAST.

Magrino says, “It floats weightlessly in the water. It works really well. I go into the pool and I do my workouts with it, I set it up, 60 seconds and I’m ready to rumble. So, it’s a lot of fun.” The AquaBLAST was launched in July of 2020. The punching bag sets up and collapses in under a minute and is also portable.

Magrino says another version of the AquaBLAST will be coming out this summer… the AquaBLAST Mini. The mini version will be a good fit for smaller framed adults and children. The AquaBLAST is available at aquablastfit.com and on Amazon.com. Magrino also hopes his new fitness device will help revolutionize kickboxing.

Visit: https://aquablastfit.com/

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/wjLy1quncIs

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