Homeowners See the Benefits and Advantages of Fiber Internet

February 17 02:30 2021
Homeowners See the Benefits and Advantages of Fiber Internet

Internet connectivity through a fiber-optic network is now considered the gold standard for high-quality, fast data transmission. While this is true, fiber optic connective is still a relatively new technology. Because of this, many individuals and business owners are hesitant to invest in it for themselves or their business.

Fiber services from companies like EATELuse light, rather than electricity, to move data. This provides faster internet connections that can handle much higher bandwidth. According to information from the FCC, fiber offers more consistent connectivity and higher levels of speed, even during peak demand times. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits offered by fiber optic internet.

Increased Bandwidth

When someone invests in fiber-optic internet, they can increase their bandwidth potential significantly. TDM technology and copper wire infrastructure are extremely limited. This is because when it was created, it was designed for use with voice calls exclusively. Also, when created, the demand for more bandwidth was not high. For example, a T-1 can only carry about 1.5 Mbps of total throughput. Also, because of the way that electrical signaling works, some connections through copper wiring are limited because of distance.

However, EoC is not available if the circuit is more than 15K feet. For an organization considering switching their voice communications to VoIP, having their bandwidth delivered over fiber with https://www.eatel.com/ can provide several benefits.

Upload and Download Speed

The speed increase offered by fiber-optic internet is noticeably compared to copper. In fact, it has been found that fiber can provide data transmission speeds of one gigabit per second. This is much faster than the broadband service definition provided by the federal government. It is estimated that it would take 22 minutes for a download on copper wire internet, compared to just eight seconds on fiber delivery.

With this type of technology available, the idea of having to wait for things to load is something that will be the way of the dinosaurs pretty soon.


The signal for the copper internet network will degrade as the signal is moved from the central office. The fiber was used originally for longer distances. A cell phone tower in a remote location will use fiber optic cable to connect the towers to the network.

Like the ones offered by https://www.eatel.com/contact, some types of fiber connections can transmit almost 25 miles. While most business buildouts don’t require some robust fiber connections, the signal is not in danger of being degraded in a metro fiber ring that may serve the business.


With more and more attention being focused on cybersecurity, fiber-optic internet is not touted as a more cost-effective way to increase internet security instantly. Intercepting copper cable can be done by connecting taps to the line to detect the electronic signals.

When it comes to fiber optics, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep this in mind, which will help ensure a person or business can decide fiber optic connectivity and if it is right for them.

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