Mauritius Start-up Bridging the Gap for Data Services in Africa

February 18 22:42 2021

Rwazi is helping companies across the globe to make effective decisions with their on-ground data for products and services.

Companies from across the globe looking to tap into the Sub-Saharan market, but lack the on-ground data to make informed decisions now have an ally in data services company, Rwazi.

Data insight is critical for companies looking to expand their services in other countries or regions. But until now, collecting data from developing countries has been relatively inaccessible.  Launched in 2018, Rwazi is a data services start-up providing organizations with fresh, on-ground data for products, services, and consumer activities from Africa. Companies only need to contact Rwazi to place an order for the data they require, along with the specifics. Rwazi will then notify its network of data collectors in 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, who will immediately harvest data from their surroundings. Companies will then receive an in-depth analysis of the requested data through customized reports and interactive maps.

Despite its infancy, Rwazi has already helped several companies improve their decision-making. The company has tracked the availability and pricing of 100+ consumer product brands including Coca-Cola, Pampers, Gillette, Jack Daniel’s, Colgate, and Axe at traditional retail outlets. But that’s not all. Rwazi has also helped fintech companies monitor the usage of payment systems vs competitors’. They have also tracked internet data usage/spending/budgeting among consumers to help telecom companies adjust packages.

Joseph Rutakangwa is the Founder and CEO of Rwazi. When asked about the motivation for establishing the company, he explained:  “We wanted to offer a lifeline to companies globally that want to expand their services in the Sub Saharan region but lacked the reliable data to make an informed decision. We also believe that creating gigs is the most effective approach to reduce the rising unemployed population in developing regions like sub-Saharan Africa.”

And Rwazi’s impact has not gone unnoticed. The company was one of the recipients of a Facebook Start-up Program and Vienna Start-up Package. Rutakangwa also received the Brave Founder of the Year 2019 Award from Southern Africa Start-up Awards and the People’s Choice 2021 by Global Start-up Awards.

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