Explains What to Consider When it Comes to Student Housing Denver

February 18 23:33 2021 Explains What to Consider When it Comes to Student Housing Denver

College is an exciting time for any student and probably most popular is the concept of living away from home. With their new-found freedom, young adults are available to set their own rules, decorate as they please, and stay up as late as they choose. So many decisions are made in the early days, often before ever having an opportunity to properly evaluate options. In many cases, housing must be decided before students ever step foot on campus. So, when it comes to student housing in Denver, students should look at a number of options and criteria before deciding on a solution. This article describes the planning being done for equality in education: “DeAndre Taylor’s Ambitions for Equity-Focused Education

Will Meal Plans Be Included?

For the most part, meal plans are only going to be included with university or college-owned housing; the dorms of the school, so to speak. Now, this is a double-edged sword for most students. It’s rare that students take full advantage of the meal plans, leaving money and food on the table. Additionally, most schools require a meal plan, increasing the overall cost of dorm life. So, while it’s marketed as the more affordable way of living in college, it just may not be for everyone. With student housing off-campus, ie apartments and town-homes, kitchens are included, making meal preparation a breeze. Stoves and ovens are included, and a microwave is a very small investment to make easy eating possible. Apartment dwellers can be as picky as they like and cook only what they want, making them independent of pre-designed dining hall menus. 


Downtown Denver can be a hassle where parking is concerned, and student housing is no different. If possible, leave the car at home. According to, many colleges don’t allow freshmen living on campus to bring their cars, and for apartments in the downtown area, parking is limited. To be sure a car can be accommodated, take a look at the official website for the university or the apartment complex you’re renting from before packing up and heading to school. 

What Furniture Is Included?

Dorm rooms are notoriously sparse, with only a bed and desk included in most cases. Apartments are even scarcer, with nothing but appliances included….in some cases, that is. An increasingly popular form of student housing apartments is popping around town and includes fantastic amenities. Beds, desks, lamps, couches, kitchen tables, and more included for students in their one, two, three, and even four-bedroom apartments. These fully-furnished apartments are charged by the bed, and like dorm housing, you could end up with roommates you don’t know. Another good/bad situation where you could end up with new best friends or people you simply pass in the night. Regardless, it’s a great way to save money, have a nice place to live, and still be close to campus. The amenities in these apartments far exceed anything you might see in a dorm, including fire pits, modern decor, and gyms. 

Whether you choose frat/sorority housing, dorms, or apartments, college years are sure to be some of the best of one’s life. So, do homework ahead of time, finding out what options are available and what will fill needs best. Remember, it’s not a lifelong investment such as buying a house, but 9 months of your life, instead. Checkout the Colab site for more information.

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