Pluto Case Introduces Hands-Free, Anti-gravity Phone Case Ideal for Quick Video Content Creations

February 27 04:42 2021
This phone case lets TikTok users film themselves hands-free and record every angle with its ability to stick to any smooth, flat surface.

Recording one’s self to produce video content on social network sites like TikTok has been one of the favorite past times of many people online. However, many users of the video-sharing social network struggle to film themselves to produce their desired content. Pluto Case, the maker of the hands-free and anti-gravity phone cover, understands these challenges. To help individuals easily create quick video content, Pluto Case introduces more of its well-loved cases online.

“With Pluto Case, users never have to struggle to get the perfect angle for TikTok videos once again,” said the spokesperson from the company. “It’s a must-have if you love to record video content.”

Pluto Case can stick to any flat smooth surface like glass, plastic, mirror, window, metal, ceramic tiles, TV screen, etc. As long as the surface is free from any rough texture such as drywall or anything with small ridges or bumps.

The cases utilize a nano-suction technology, which gives them the ability to stick to surfaces. The nano-suctions are similar to a soft rubber and consist of thousands of tiny microscopic suction cups. The cases are not sticky to the touch because their revolutionary material does not use glue or paste.

The Pluto Case will continue functioning as long as the nano-suction material is in a decent and clean condition. Staying away from sharp items is key in maintaining their functionality. If it collects dust, users can simply rinse it in water and pat it dry with a towel.

The case has a huge following on TikTok and has over 250 million views with the #plutocase. The team behind the brand has worked with nearly 5,000 TikTok influencers ranging from 30 million followers to the average little kid with 20 followers.

During the recent pandemic, the Pluto Case team has come together to donate nearly 2,000 UV Pluto Boxes to help thousands of families. Its partner charities include UC Irvine Hospital, Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego Museum of Art, and San Diego Pride.

Pluto Case also offers accessories like cable chargers, LED strip lights, shadow glass, and space glass. The brand provides 24/7 customer support to answer any concerns or inquiries on their merchandise items.

The brand has cases available for Android and iPhone users. It also ships to over 200 countries and counting. To browse and shop for one today, be sure to visit The company takes pride in helping individuals film and express themselves hands-free anytime and anywhere.

About Pluto Case

Pluto Case delivers quality hands-free and anti-gravity phone cases for both Android and iPhone users. Its nano-suction technology allows users to stick it on smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic tiles, windows, and more. This way, users can easily create TikTok video content, talk hands-free on FaceTime, and more. With Pluto Case, users can now do so much more as they film creative video content and do other activities online or offline using their smartphone.

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