Dana Pittman of Danja Tales Shows Writers It’s Time to Write Their Novels

March 02 08:34 2021
Dana Pittman of Danja Tales Shows Writers It’s Time to Write Their Novels

Dana Pittman, Chief Storyteller at Danja Tales
Finish a Novel This Year With Her Brand New Webinar

DEER PARK, TX – Maya Angelou once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” For many potential authors, truer words have never been spoken. Aside from finding the time and following the urge to write, the issue of writing out the manuscript, developing characters, and editing drafts are all separate, challenging issues that every aspiring writer faces. For writers finally ready to step up their efforts, however, Dana Pittman is here to help.

Dana Pittman is the founder and Chief Storyteller at Danja Tales, a boutique romance developmental editing company in Houston, Texas. With more than forty novels published—including contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and political thrillers—under three different pen names, Dana is an Amazon and USA Today best-selling author.

On March 4th, she’s launching her brand new webinar for writers, “It’s Your Time.” This powerful training will walk fiction writers of all genres through her process and show them the few key skills needed to finish their novels this year. Her ultimate goal is to help authors write more in less time through a variety of programs tailored to writers longing to get their stories out—including this brand new, never-before-seen webinar.

As a writer herself, she’s been through all of the courses and read all of the writing books, and she knows how much of a time suck these things can be. Her goal with this webinar is to show writers why they need to stop listening to the vast majority of these courses and writing books and make use of her one key secret instead.

She’ll also show writers that they don’t need an exhaustive amount of time to finish their dream novel. As long as they have thirty minutes to dedicate to their novel each day, Dana can teach them how to leverage that time and work towards completing their novel!

“If you want to take your writing to the next level, you should definitely work with her,” says Moni Boyce, a past client. Numerous other authors have praised Dana’s work and the support of Danja Tales, including memoirist Jule Kucera and USA Today best-selling author Khardine Gray, among many others.

Aspiring authors interested in learning Dana’s tricks of the trade can register for her upcoming webinar for writers, “It’s Your Time,” here. For more information about Dana and the work she does with Danja Tales, visit her website here. She can also be contacted at (832) 380-4642 or reached via email here.

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