A Solid Financial Foundation Not Built On the Unsteadiness of Wall Street

March 03 08:30 2021
A Solid Financial Foundation Not Built On the Unsteadiness of Wall Street

Jason L. Bleick, founder and creator of Golden Rule Wealth
Golden Rule Wealth Teaches Strategies Utilized By America’s Top Earners

March 2, 2021 – How to build and keep wealth is something many Americans strive to achieve but are unsure where to find the right advice. Golden Rule Wealth offers clients the same principles the wealthy 2% use to keep their legacies growing and now they want to teach others how to build a solid financial foundation of their own.

Founder Jason L. Bleick was like many other middle-class Americans, trusting their retirement to 401ks and dabbling in Wall Street investments. After the crash of 2008 and an eye-opening discussion with a bankruptcy lawyer, Bleick discovered that the wealth strategies the ultra-rich use aren’t the same as what was being taught to the Average Jane and Joe. After educating himself and putting these wealth principles into action, he started Golden Rule Wealth to help others build a solid financial foundation, live their purpose, and leave a legacy. Some of these Ultra-Wealth Strategies the uber-rich use include banking on themselves, avoiding unnecessary fees, owning hard assets, using the tax code in their favor and using proper legacy transfer vehicles. 

“Our community is made up of working professionals, business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs, that want to reach personal economic independence outside of the craziness of Wall Street,” explains Bleick. “Our community seeks financial solutions that really work, so they can live the life they were created for, today. They do not want to use the “hope and pray and maybe someday” method of the typical financial plan.”

“Our mission at Golden Rule Wealth is to equip God’s people with financial knowledge and services so that they can live their purpose and leave a legacy,” he continues.

Golden Rule Wealth is offering a free 45-minute strategy session to those who want to grow their assets, protect their assets, leave a legacy and thrive outside of Wall Street. To schedule a free consultation, sign up at https://www.thegoldenrulewealth.com

Golden Rule Wealth offers financial strategies to help faith-filled people grow and protect their wealth so that they can thrive no matter what happens in the stock market. Founder Jason L. Bleick holds an MBA and teaches clients how to use the same wealth and legacy principles as the Top 2% employ to grow their own finances.

Visit www.thegoldenrulewealth.com or on Facebook @goldenrulewealth to learn more.

For more information, please contact: Jason L Bleick at [email protected]

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