Nicaraguan Beef Producers are Increasingly Focusing on Sustainability For Better US Market Positioning

March 03 09:09 2021
Sustainable beef like Gold Premium Beef by Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A is proving to be a cost-effective alternative to locally produced US equivalents in terms of quality and sustainability.

Referred to often as “Gold Premium Beef,” Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A beef boasts of sustainability and high quality without the expense associated with locally produced beef in the US. According to the manufacturer, the beef is sourced from their own feedlot, where animals are kept in humane conditions, with facilities designed to ensure that the cattle are happy and consequently stress-free. The company uses better care, higher quality food, and has a consistent supply of fresh water in the pens to ensure that animals are well fed. Daily manure cleaning ensures that the animals live in the best conditions possible, guaranteeing higher quality beef, which’s more tender and tastes better.

Generally, what’s classified as “Premium Beef” can be twice is not three times more expensive because of the added cost of raising and processing cattle. However, the resulting beef tastes better, tends to be softer, and holds more nutritious value.

Places like Nicaragua are now fast becoming hubs for premium quality beef, thanks to the fact that big-name beef-producing companies like Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A are increasingly focused on sustainability.

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“Our gold product is better not only because of the quality of the meat itself, which is because of all the value-added processes in the feedlot and slaughterhouse but also because of the low carbon footprint of our feedlot and slaughter plant. 70,000 metric tons of organic waste, mainly manure, is treated anaerobically in our biodigesters, producing 250,000 bunker gallons of biogas which is used to generate 12,000 MWh’s clean” electricity and thermal energy (steam) used in our beef processing plant,” said Mr. Raúl Barrios, CEO of Industrial Comercial San Martín.

He added, “Our Gold Premium beef offers the same high quality you’d expect from other premium quality beef, with the added advantage of sustainability and a competitive price.”

About Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A

Industrial Commercial San Martín S.A prides itself on using the sustainable beef production model, which balances being profitable and environmental friendliness. The Sustainable Beef Development Program ensures that the company’s beef is amongst the best and yet priced competitively. The increasing focus on reducing the environmental impact caused by farming has allowed the company to remain one of the leaders in the beef production industry.

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