Darian Braun and Beverly Hills Formulators Introduces the Xcellerate35 Hair Xcelleration Program

March 04 18:03 2021
X35’s innovative formula has been clinically tested to increase hair density* by 268% in men in as little as 2 weeks & increase hair length** in women by 53% over 45 days.

For the first time, Darian Braun, the entertainment industry’s go-to beauty guru, and his company, Beverly Hills Formulators, LLC have released their patent-pending hair formula to the general public in the form of the “Xcellerate35 Hair Xcelleration Program.”

Xcellerate35, a scientifically tested and patent-pending formula, promotes hair development by utilizing an advanced approach to chemically stimulating blood flow to damaged or non-active hair follicles.

According to the Xcellerate35 Website, the patent-pending formula found in Xcellerate35’s Serum, Shampoo, and Conditioner, promotes hair development by generating nitrogen oxide, opening potassium channels in individual hair follicles. The newly opened potassium channels stimulate blood flow to hair cells, allowing damaged roots to begin a reinvigoration cycle, stimulating hair density, which has been clinically tested to show an astronomical 268% increase over a 14-day period*.

Furthermore, data obtained through PhotoGrammetrix” lmage Analysis on the subset of ten panelists demonstrated that the test material accelerated hair release and recovery via increased hair density by an average of 520.40% compared to the untreated portion which had an average of 298.65% after 14 days of use.

What is Xcellerate35?

Xcellerate35’s hair serum is a collection of ingredients, including amino acids that have been specifically formulated to open the potassium channels for better blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. As the amino acids are added to the scalp, the vasodilating effect of the patent-pending formula encourages hair to take on stronger attributes of hydrophobicity, reducing space between follicles and promoting thicker, longer, and healthier hair for both men and women.

The exclusive blend of 35 ingredients found in the product has been clinically tested to increase the diameter of each hair follicle, promoting the look and feel of the hair.

The Bottom Line: Xcellerate35 can provide customers with a well-advanced, clinically tested, and patent-pending solution that engages with the natural hair growth process to assist treated hair regarding thickness and volume. As the formula increases and improves blood circulation through the scalp and hair follicles, Xcellerate35 may assist hair density, and length,

For more information, please visit the Xcellerate35 website.

* 268% increase clinically tested in trials for men over a 14 day period.
** 53% increase in length clinically tested in trials for women over a 45 day period

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