Alp Akmaz on Connecting People and Bridging Cultures with the Balaban

March 05 14:24 2021
Alp Akmaz on Connecting People and Bridging Cultures with the Balaban

There is more to music than being a form of art or a creative medium for self-expression. For thousands of years, the craft proves to be a vessel not only of tunes and melodies but also of stories and tales. In the case of rising musician Alp Akmaz, it is clear how one’s passion can lead to a life of meaning and purpose. His musical journey is one of connecting people and bridging cultures. 

On a mission to share his exceptional talent with the world, Alp Akmaz brings out his balaban and plays it to his heart’s content. Through this special type of woodwind flute, he wishes to send across the message that music has made a difference in his life. With the instrument, the musician aims to do the same in the lives of listeners across the globe. 

For as long as he can remember, Alp Akmaz has considered music a big part of his life and sees his craft still standing at the core of his identity in the years to come. Aside from being an outstanding balaban player, he also serves as the much-needed voice for those pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their ambitions. His goal is to inspire aspirants with his story and encourage them to be relentless in conquering endeavors. 

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Alp Akmaz has been playing the balaban since he was fourteen and has participated in many projects led by artists worldwide. His journey began when he was only five years old. At that time, he would play a mini keyboard and try to recreate the music he was listening to on TV, radio, and other creative platforms. 

Soon after, the budding musician’s father noticed his son’s growing passion for music and decided to bring different instruments to their house. “I would play all of them and spend my free time figuring them out. I established the deepest connection with the balaban,” Alp Akmaz said. “I feel very good when I play it. I even feel as if I become a different person, going through many emotional and artistic levels of creative expression,” he added. 

After graduating from Halic University Conservatory with a major in balaban performance, Alp Akmaz began breathing life into his lifelong goal. Throughout his career, the musician noticed a void in the market that called for a special kind of woodwind microphone. He wanted to amplify these delicate traditional instruments without compromising the quality of their distinct sound. Thus, Alp decided to devote his time and knowledge to exploring and building microphones for the balaban and many others. On top of that, he is also organizing an educational platform that will include individual and group Balaban lessons. 

According to Alp Akmaz, it is important to have a good mindset and carry clear and noble goals in mind. In the process of creating music that is bound to leave an impact, he hopes to inspire others to tell their stories and express themselves. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, the musician intends to dominate the scene and use his talent to spark ripples of positive changes. 

In the coming years, he envisions having a couple of records under his belt. On top of that, he hopes to add several compositions and performance masterclasses to his long list of accomplishments in the music production field. “All of these are essentially a part of one, unified goal — to connect the public, different cultures, and different artists through music,” he said. 

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