Successful entrepreneur succeeds in reaching more than 30 countries with his one-of-a-kind handmade personalized luxury gift ‘Zulitak’

March 05 23:33 2021
Zulitak is a luxury gift company that turns photos or text into beautiful handwoven carpets with premium packaging that customers can cherish forever.

Turkey – Without a doubt, personalized gifts have become a huge player in the gift-giving world. Just by engraving someone’s special name or adding a few heartwarming lines can make an ordinary gift special. Zulitak as a brand uses the same sentiment to create personalized carpet weavings for their customers. After all, gift-giving is all about sharing one’s sentiments with a gift, making it a perfect match.

Founder of Zulitak, Mohamed Al-Bayati is a creative entrepreneur and Marketing Master who managed to reach more than 30 countries with this unique product. His customers found personalized handwoven carpets as a unique luxury gift that is not easily available in the markets around the world. Mohamed created an exclusive product that fits into every occasion, with luxury and style. Not only is a customized hand-woven carpet the perfect gift, but it is also a head turner and an interesting conversation piece to keep.

Studies show that people perceive personalized products as having more value than their non-personalized counterparts. This is the reason why Zulitak is the answer to everyone who is looking for a customized handmade luxury gift for their loved ones. One of the main reasons why anyone would love to choose a personalized gift is to allow that personal connection to shine through. A personalized product allows people to materialize their relationships and share a special connection with that someone they hold dear. Zulitak can be the perfect customized gift for special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. or even a sweet house-warming present.

Zulitak is the first gift company that focuses on making unique customized carpets. The team at Zulitak always strives to reach out to people in all parts of the world, so that Zulitak can become the gateway for beautiful memories that never die. The simple procedure requires clients to send in the picture that they want to customize the carpet with. They can also choose the desired size for the product and add text if they wish. The design team creates a preliminary design for the picture using computer software that shows how the picture would appear after the weaving is done. This helps the customer understand what the final product will look like.

Once the design is approved by the customer, the weaving department is given the green signal. This is where the magic happens, and the customer’s photograph is turned into a beautiful handwoven luxury carpet by the professional hands of some of the best people in the business. In any way, personalized gifts are more thoughtful and special than generic gifts. Hence, Zulitak chooses to be a brand that pays special attention to each order in terms of final touches and premium luxury packaging that customers are sure to love.

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