Backyardville Publishes Educational Articles and Reviews to Help Homeowners Maintain and Improve Backyards

March 10 16:42 2021
The team of backyard specialists at Backyardville publishes articles, how-to guides, and reviews to enable property owners to get the best out of their backyards. Readers can spruce up yards for relaxation, gardening, hosting parties, and more by referring to Backyardville.

According to announcements released by Backyardville and Nikki Thomas, this website has emerged as a dependable resource for actionable tips and insights into all aspects of developing and maintaining a backyard. 

From reviews of playsets, swings, and pressure washers to tips on gardening and sprucing up the backyard, this website has quickly become the go-to resource for Americans wishing to get the most out of their backyards for their families. A well-kept backyard also adds to a property’s value, and Backyardville has excellent ideas that can be implemented easily with zero or little investment to achieve this objective.

A greenhouse is a great way to enjoy gardening all months of the year, regardless of the weather. Backyardville has published an excellent guide on the Mittleider greenhouse, which has enabled hobbyists and farmers to double and even triple yields from their gardens. Readers who wish to set up a greenhouse in the backyards and want to get things done right the first time should check out this exciting and exhaustive article on the Mittleider method of gardening. 

Gardening enthusiasts who love the dash of color that spring flowers add to the surroundings would do well to bookmark the article on the best bulbs to plant for early spring flowers. This well-written article informs readers about plant and nurture hyacinths, crocuses, the glory-of-the-snow, and other flowers. 

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Nikki Thomas of Backyardville said, “The term ‘backyard’ can mean many different things to different people. It is a place to relax and enjoy the weather; for others, it’s a place to play. Some see their backyard as the best location to host parties for friends and family. And yet others hear the word, and it conjures thoughts of work and manual labor. 

Whatever your backyard is to you, we here at Backyardville want to help you find ways to improve, reorganize, or maintain your yard, so it is the haven that you always dreamed of. Through product reviews, informational articles, and many ideas and suggestions from our backyard specialists, you will be able to find answers to just about every question you have about your yard.” 

On the circumstances that led to the founding and growth of this website, Thomas said, “As stay-at-home moms, co-founders Nikki and Kenda are always looking for ways to keep their kids busy. But they want that busy time to be fun and educational as well. Since they already shared an interest in finding practical ways to utilize the backyard, they decided that would be a good place to start – sharing their outdoor passions and knowledge with their kids. From playing on the swing set to planting vegetable gardens, discovering outdoor critters, and maintaining a flower garden, all of these activities led to educational experiences for everyone.”

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Backyardville is a website dedicated to helping homeowners make the best of their backyards. Founded by Nikki and Kenda, this website is now a trusted resource for young couples, families with kids, and others that wish to have fun with their pets, cook, entertain guests or enjoy gardening in the backyards.

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