Namal Rajapaksa talks about tourism, sports, vaccines & Herbal products in Sri Lanka post-pandemic.

March 19 12:46 2021
Namal Rajapaksa talks about tourism, sports, vaccines & Herbal products in Sri Lanka post-pandemic.

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British Journalist Kiran Rai representing NY Press News Agency, who has completed the “500 most influential people in Asia”, including powerful entertainment and sports figures and 5 royal family members from 7 different countries including Several Sri Lankan Singers like Umaria, Baitya and Santush were among the list.

During the interview, Namal Rajapaksa spoke exclusively to Kiran Rai & Ralph Pereira about the new plans for bringing tourism to Sri Lanka, and how the British people should be encouraged to visit the country. Tourism is an important sector to the Sri Lanka economy.

The country is open for startup businesses, and invite foreign investors to look for opportunities and incentives offered to do business in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a Cricketing nation and invite not only professional players, other sports to take part in sporting activities, such as surfing, hiking, golf, and many other sports activities, Sri Lanka has to offer. 

Namal has recently returned from the UAE from his royal family meetings and had explained that the conversations were ‘mutual’ and that we all agree that getting back into some normality is a must now and people should start to using social distance and carefully but governments across the world should have trust within there people on using the measures.

The conversation also discussed about his father Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on how he defeated the war in 2009 and told Rai that ‘my father is always about the people and loves his people and wants the best for Sri Lanka.’

The conversation then discussed onto if Namal would look into taking on the presidency role and stated ‘I am a critic of Dyanastic Politics.’ 

Ralph Pereira said ‘It was a great discussion with Namal, it was a discussion that made us feel more comfortable about Sri Lanka and I believe the British people will feel more secure coming back to the country.’

Namal also wished Chandra Bhatia, who works at the NHS staff in the UK, a fantastic job for being on the front line and showing their strengths to bring this virus to an end. 

COVID-19 has disrupted the word, but in Sri Lanka many plant based remedies are been tested and scientifically proven that Herbal products can boost the human bodies immune system. 

Dr. Manohari Wickramaratchi had provided the following:

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MG4K with herbal combination scientifically formulated super immune booster and suppress inflammation for battle against the SARS CoV-2 virus. Clinical observations and understanding in to multiple organs involved by the disease, we scientifically formulated the capsule to withstand the damage caused by SARS CoV-2 virus and specially to solve abnormality of the coagulation pathway.

MG4K carry essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals to supply building blocks to maintain a healthy blood profile, specifically in support of many clinical complications. MG4K is in capsule form, easy to take, and designed for mass population seeking protection and/or fast recovery if infected with Covid-19.  Our product is suitable for any strain of  SARS CoV-2 virus to fight efficiently with a strong immune response in a short spell. MG4K is also suitable for individuals who are already immunized and give an extra support to fight against new strains.

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MG4K is a supplement that is 100% organic, natural, and vegan. It is the best way to protect yourself from the effects of COVID-19. Even if you have taken the vaccination, you can take the MG4K capsules to protect yourself from any variant attacking your immune system.

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