Flea Awareness on National Pet Month

April 01 10:32 2021
April is National Pet Month, and that makes it a great month to bring awareness to fleas and how they effect our pets. Kevin Behe, the owner of TermMax Pest Control, gives a few tips on dealing with these annoying pests.

April is National Pet Month. This is the month that we celebrate the animals in our lives that make our lives better. But as much as we celebrate the benefits that our pets bring to us, we also need to be aware of their special needs. Fleas are coming back out in full force now that it is the spring time. National Pet Month is a great time to remember to protect your pets from these insects.

“Fleas can be a danger to any pet, but especially cats and dogs”, says Kevin Behe, owner of TermMax Pest Control. “These insects can carry many diseases including cat scratch fever, tapeworms and even the bubonic plague.”

Behe recommends a few steps when dealing with fleas.

Call in the Professionals

Firstly, understand that flea prevention is a two step process. The first step is to remove fleas from your pet with the help of a veterinarian. A good veterinarian has many different options when it comes to flea control. Some of these options include collars, flea dips, and tasty chews that your pet will love.

The second step is to remove fleas from your home and yard with the help of a good exterminator. Your local pest control company will have treatments for inside your home and in your yard. These treatments can eliminate these pests at any stage of their life cycle. They can also prevent fleas from finding their way into your living spaces and protect your pets from future issues.


Secondly, keeping your home clean helps a bunch. Vacuuming often will remove food sources for immature fleas, and destroy adults that have yet to find a host.

“The vibrations from a running vacuum cleaner can fool a cocooned flea into thinking that a potential host is nearby, causing it to emerge”, says Behe. “This makes these insects much more susceptible to pesticides and other control methods.”

A vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter is best. This kind of vacuum cleaner will contain eggs and insects in a HEPA approved bag that can easily be thrown away.

Pet Grooming

Lastly, groom your pet often. A well kept coat of fur makes it much easier to spot a flea problem, and many groomers offer flea services as well. Flea combs and brushes can remove fleas manually from your pet, but make sure to do it in an area where fleas will be adequately discarded. Plus, dogs and cats are much happier when they are well groomed, taken care of and loved.

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