New Products Of Changyuan – 47 meter Pump Truck

April 02 16:04 2021
There is an introduction of Changyuan 47 meter Pump Truck.

Changyuan 47 meter Pump Truck

1. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 47m Fault self-diagnosis technology

Monitor the equipment status at any time, and monitor and diagnose more than 200 faults in real time, shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%, and save the time and trouble for you.

2. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 47m Smart boom system

People-oriented intelligence and sophisticated technology make the truck-mounted concrete pump operation more human-centric and convenient.

One-button boom extension and retraction

One-button extendable arm pushes upwards or downwards the automatic arm switch to extend or retract the boom automatically.

Limit the operation height

In the event of indoor construction or outdoor construction with upper obstacle, this function can effectively prevent the boom from touching the top and suffering damage.

Locate the boom posture

Easily locate the first and second section’s position, and greatly simplify the boom operation.

3. Series Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 47m Security technology

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump perfectly construes the precise and rigorous manufacturing philosophy and uncompromising safety standard.

4. Boom overload protection technology

Safety valve device is additionally mounted in the boom cylinder balance valve. In the event of excessive boom load, overload oil pressure will be automatically released, in order to prevent the boom from suffering damage.

Hopper sifter linkage protection technology

When the hopper screen is opened, the operating device in the hopper will automatically stop, so as to ensure the operation safety.

Hydraulic oil level automatic inspection and protection technology

Monitor the hydraulic oil’s reserve in real time. In the event of insufficient oil volume, alarm will be automatically sent or pumping will be stopped, as a way to prevent the hydraulic system from suffering damage.

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