Fitore Nutrition Introduces Spectrum + to Make Life Easier for People Living with Autism

April 05 21:24 2021
Fitore Nutrition Introduces Spectrum + to Make Life Easier for People Living with Autism

With autism becoming more prevalent than juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer, and childhood AIDs (combined), there is a need to act fast and do something to arrest this unpalatable development. Autism occurs in 1 out of 68 births in the United States, and annually, the presence of autism has a growth rate of 10 to 17 percent in children. Some other research even suggests the number to be higher between 20 to 22 percent. Fitore Nutrition, a science-backed company that produces all-natural bionutraceutical products, has risen to the occasion to offer Spectrum+ to support children living with Autism.

Spectrum + is a clinical supplement geared towards the management and support of children living with autism. The company aims to catch the attention of mothers and fathers of children with autism. Spectrum + has been clinically validated with its efficacy based on its support for neurological development in children. It’s a real struggle to see young children struggling to communicate or interact socially, and Fitore Nutrition set out to change that and reduce the intensity in children. Although there is no known cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, medical care providers focus on behavioral management and medical intervention. This is precisely what Spectrum + does and hopes to achieve landmark success in managing this disorder. To create Spectrum +, Fitore partnered with Vitro Biopharma, one of the leading stem cell research firms in the world.

Spectrum + is designed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress linked to autism. The product is also safe for all types of sensitivities and diets thanks to its all-natural ingredients. Fitore’s partnership with Vitro Biopharma goes beyond just the development of Spectrum +. Fitore aims to be a part of ongoing research on Autism and how a potential cure can be created.

Spectrum + is created using the purest and most natural ingredients. It is packed in a cGMP and FDA-registered facility. The product also boasts zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives, zero nuts, zero GMOs, and no dairy. Fitore Nutrition has set itself apart as a forward-thinking health product company that creates a wide range of beneficial products. Another product in Fitore’s lineup is the Thought Calmer™, a natural formulation that reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves mood, and reduces anxiety safely and effectively. Thought Calmer™ is a non-habit-forming supplement developed by the most acclaimed neuroscientists in the industry. 

Some other products from Fitore Nutrition include Easy Sleep™ and Stemulife™ by Vitro Biopharma which is still pending patent approval. Fitore Nutrition’s goal is to see life become easier for children living with Autism and help them to live a significantly healthier and more balanced life. As Fitore Nutrition put it, “We want to make a difference, and as far as testing goes, we seem to be on the right path, and in a few years, Spectrum + will become a staple for Autistic people until there is a permanent cure.”

Fitore Nutrition’s success translates into helping millions of people live higher quality and healthier lives. 

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