Snapmob Announces Mobile App and Marketplace That Connects Photographers and Customers to Create Lasting Memories

April 13 13:16 2021
The SnapMob marketplace is a community that helps customers to locate affordable freelance photographers without frustrating scheduling, expensive sessions, and time-wasting

Laguna Niguel, CA – SnapMob is proud to announce their mobile app and on-demand photography marketplace, where photographers and clients can connect.

With SnapMob, anyone can become a photographer, using their phone or camera to take pictures, upload them, and sends them to the client. It’s an excellent way for the photographer to earn extra income, and for the customer, no need for scheduling or booking expensive photography sessions that will take hours to achieve.

As the world gets back to normal after the pandemic, it will be great for family and friends to go out there, explore nature, and refresh their bodies and soul. There are so many fun activities to engage in, including hiking, fishing, camping, and seeing beautiful places and destinations.

Taking photographs during vacations and outings is a must to remember the wonderful time spend with loved ones. Photos can also be uploaded on social media pages, printed, or framed so that other people can see them. The challenge with taking pictures on vacation is that it can be expensive. Not only that, photographers may be overbooked, and it will take several calls and hours of waiting before they arrive, which can be very frustrating.

SnapMob solves all these problems by creating a platform where photographers and customers can connect. It’s a community of people who’re willing to take photos in exchange for cash and those who want to hire freelance photographers that are affordable and available. The photographers on SnapMob are talented and trustworthy people, passionate about photography, and ready to help customers create beautiful moments they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

With SnapMob, photographers don’t have to travel far for gigs or create any advertisement; the app matches them with customers nearby when they are live. They have access to paying customers continuously as the app gets many customer sign-ups every day. The more customers they get, the more photo sessions and money they make. The application has several photography tools that ensure less editing time and allow watermark of photographs. Photographer could earn 90% of the payment made by the customer.

SnapMob ensures customers get quality photos they can brag about. No more awkward angles, bad selfies, and excluding someone in the group. Photos are sent to the customer via reliable file transfer, and payments are made on the app using secured payment platforms.

To download the app on Google PlayStore for Android devices, please visit here.

To download the app on the iOS store for Apple devices, please visit here.

About SnapMob

SnapMob is a marketplace and online community that connects freelance photographers with customers. It offers a smooth and easy way for both parties to connect and enjoy enormous benefits. Photographers get more clients while customers get photos at rates that won’t break the bank.

About Manuel Villalba

California native Manuel Villalba is the founder and chief executive of White Village Digital Media and creator of SnapMob. Born and raised in southern California, Manuel joined the U.S Army at age 18 to forge out on his own and serve his country, and over the course of his military career, has been fortunate enough to travel extensively to numerous destinations worldwide. He is a warrant officer and service as technical advisor has provided him with unique knowledge and experience which aided in the development of his entrepreneurial vision and encouraged him to participate as business owner in the mobile applications market.

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