Selection skill and installation of LED light belt

April 14 14:36 2021

When decorating, Joineonlux usually see that there is a led light band in the decoration list, but most owners don’t know what it is. In fact, this is also very normal. First, there is not much contact. Second, because the light belt is hidden, Joineonlux only see its light, but Joineonlux can not see its shadow. In fact, this is the highest state of using lamps — “seeing light but not seeing light”.

1. About LED strip

As shown in the above figure, this is the true face of the LED light belt, just like the belt. In addition, LED is used. As the name implies, it is called LED light belt. It can be turned on by connecting with 220 V power supply directly. It is not difficult to fix it with a fixed card.

In recent years, LED light strip was born with the development of LED technology. When there is no LED light belt, T4 and T5 lamps are used as backlight. However, the minimum size of T4 and T5 lamps is 0.3m, which means that if there is less than 0.3m, dark area will be left, while LED light strip can emit light evenly and can be cut according to the actual length, which is very convenient, plus red, green, blue and yellow There are so many light colors to choose from, such as white, warm white and so on. There are even colorful changes. Now, it’s very rare to use T4 and T5 tubes, instead of using LED lights!

2. Luminous color of LED light strip

The luminous color of LED lamp strip is actually the luminous color of LED lamp. As mentioned above, LED lights with red, yellow, blue, green, positive white, warm white and other monochromatic light, there are also seven color changes. In general, the majority of people use warm white light at home, because it can create a very warm atmosphere.

3. Common types

3528 and 5050

At present, the commonly used types of LED light strips are 3528 and 5050 (3528 refers to the size of LED light source, 32mm in length and 28mm in width, and 5050 refers to the length and width of LED light source are both 50mm). On the one hand, the difference between the two is that there are three LED chips in 5050 lamp bead, and only one LED chip in 3528. Therefore, the brightness of 5050 LED light strip is 3528 under the same number of beads LED light belt 3 times, the power is also 3 times its price is more expensive.

As for the power consumption, this involves the problem of electricity charges, which many users are very concerned about. The rated power of 3528 lamp bead is 0.06w (0.02A * 3V = 0.06w), while the rated power of 5050 is 0.18w (0.02A * 3V * 3 = 0.18w), because a protective resistor will be added to the circuit. If 60 lamps / M is used, the power consumption of one meter 3528 lamp belt is about 4W, and that of one meter 5050 light belt is about 12W. If it is installed for several tens of meters, the power consumption gap is still very large.

4. Structure composition and installation

The structure of LED light belt includes lamp bead, circuit board, wire, glue coating, resistance and related accessories.

LED light belt is generally 100 meters a roll, according to the length people need, order how much, these should be told the seller in advance, generally will help people cut. Home to use several sections, each with a connector, directly plug into the socket on the line. If people want to cut by their, people need to pay attention to the special scissor opening marked on the light belt. people can use it after cutting it.

Remember: be sure to follow the instructions to cut, otherwise it will not light up!

There are accessories for the light belt. The accessories generally include plug (that is, power supply), pin (for connection), fixed card (plastic clip for fixing the light belt) and tail plug (plastic sleeve for protecting the tail of the light belt). These accessories are generally delivered by merchants, but they need to negotiate with the merchants first, so as not to be less.

5. Actual installation

According to the actual length of the lamp slot at home, it is cut, assembled, tested, and then it can be installed. Fix it with the lamp belt clamp. Finally, the light belt will be on when the power is turned on. If people don’t want to install it their, people can give it to the decoration master after people buy it. It’s a piece of cake!

6. About quality and safety

LED light belt, generally high-voltage 220 V, so only with a thick layer of flame retardant glue to wrap, wire, circuit board, etc. are generally made of copper, LED lamp beads determine the life of the light belt, for the sake of electricity safety, Joineonlux must not choose the inferior quality because of the low price, and it may be a potential safety hazard!

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