QuickRxRefill Simplifies the Process of Getting an Online Prescription from Licensed U.S. Doctors

May 11 23:27 2021

QuickRxRefill.com – a leading online prescription service – is helping patients get the medications they need when they don’t have access to their primary care physician. The service allows people to get online prescriptions from U.S. doctors sent to their local pharmacies, often within just hours after submitting the consultation request.

QuickRxRefill’s fast, simple process is changing the way that people get their Rx, especially when they are traveling or can’t reach their normal doctor.

Patients can get their prescription online by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit QuickRxRefill.com to request a consultation

  2. A licensed U.S. physician will call you back within 30 minutes to 2 hours

  3. Your approved online prescription will be called in to your local pharmacy (or e-prescribed) within minutes after speaking to the physician

Who this online prescription service helps most

Being able to get prescriptions online is a lifesaver for patients who are unable to reach their normal doctor for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common examples of this scenario include:

  • Those who are traveling or away from home. If you run out of your medication (or have lost it) while you’re out of town and can’t reach your physician back home, QuickRxRefill allows you to get your prescription online by speaking with a licensed U.S. doctor, no matter where you are.

  • Those who can’t reach their normal physician quickly enough. Today’s busy doctors often cannot speak with patients soon enough to approve the Rx refills that patients need right away. QuickRxRefill provides an expedited process that allows them to request their prescriptions online and speak to a board-certified doctor in the U.S. the same day.

  • Those who are in-between doctors. Whether you’ve recently changed jobs or simply do not have a primary care physician, QuickRxRefill can help. By getting an online prescription, you can get the medication you need from your local pharmacy, even if you don’t currently have a primary doctor.

  • Those who want a safe, affordable and legal way to get online prescriptions. Many patients prefer the convenience of requesting online prescriptions over calling a local doctor’s office. By going through QuickRxRefill, patients can have peace of mind that they’re getting the medication they need, approved by a licensed U.S. physician, through a fast, simple process that they can use right on their mobile phone.

All online prescriptions are evaluated by licensed U.S. physicians

QuickRxRefill is unique from other online prescription services in that it uses a network of licensed, board-certified doctors based in the United States. This ensures that all patients receive the professional medical expertise they need and get the appropriate medication for their unique medical issue. 14 years in business, QuickRxRefill has a reputation for excellence and has completed more than 32,000 patient consultations to date.

QuickRxRefill’s physicians can provide RX refills for a wide variety of medical conditions and ailments, including Shingles, Male Pattern Baldness, Diabetes, Asthma, Cold Sores, Herpes, High Blood Pressure, Seasonal Allergies, Athletes Foot, Thyroid Conditions, Sinus Infections, Acne, Sore Throats, Urinary Tract Infections and more. 

When requesting a prescription online, patients simply fill out a form describing their ailment, along with their medical history. Patients do not need to submit formal medical records. The physician will simply review the patient’s medical history and have a quick conversation with the patient to ensure that the right medication is filled. 

Within minutes after this phone consultation, the doctor will electronically submit the Rx to the patient’s local pharmacy, where it can be picked up.

For more information about QuickRxRefill or getting prescriptions online through a consultation with a U.S. doctor, please contact us or visit QuickRxRefill.com

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