Cutting Edge Periodontist Brings Back Smile with Dental Implants Burbank

June 09 14:57 2021
Cutting Edge Periodontist Brings Back Smile with Dental Implants Burbank
Restorative dentistry has been evolving over the years. Cutting Edge Periodontist, a leading periodontal practice in Burbank, CA, is proud to be on the front row of the latest dental technologies and practices. The dental practice offers dental implant procedures, amongst other cutting-edge procedures to patients to boost their oral health, self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Burbank, CA – A full set of teeth improves the smile, increases confidence, and boosts self-esteem. However, a single lost tooth or missing set of upper or lower teeth shouldn’t rob people of this great feeling. Cutting Edge Periodontist proudly offers an outstanding solution – Burbank dental implants to patients with missing teeth in Burbank, CA.

Patients who have lost one or more of their teeth and wish to explore the advantages of restorative dentistry are welcome to visit Cutting Edge Periodontist. The highly qualified dentist understands the importance and benefits of a full set of teeth and so works closely with each patient to deliver the superior restorative dentistry procedure.

Dr. Diana Sedler, speaking on the dental implant procedure offered at Cutting Edge Periodontist, said: “If you have missing or deteriorating teeth, you may think your only option is to get fitted for dentures. For decades, that was the go-to teeth replacement, but technology in the dental industry has advanced greatly in the last several years. Today, dental implants are often the better, more secure, more permanent, and more natural alternative to dentures.”

With implants done at Cutting Edge Periodontist, patients can rest assured that they will enjoy a natural look and feel at the end of the procedure. The periodontist replaces the root of the missing tooth with a metal, screw-like piece of biocompatible material that is fixed into the jaw bone to ensure solid support for the ceramic crown that will be added on. With dental implants, patients can eliminate the common hassles associated with tooth loss including changes in speech pattern, inability to chew properly thus affecting the rate of digestion, and damage to the aesthetics of their smile. Dental implants offer patients natural-like teeth that do not require special maintenance. With the metal, screw-like material fixed firmly to the jawbone, patients can also avoid common problems like jaw shrinking and changes in facial characteristics.

Cutting Edge Periodontist offers dental implants as a solution to address a missing tooth or teeth due to traumatic accidents, a broken tooth or teeth, and a decayed tooth. The dental practice also provides other dental services like tooth extractions, All On 4 dental implants, gum graft, periodontal disease treatment, gummy smile correction, occlusal guards, and wisdom teeth removals.

Cutting Edge Periodontist is located at 3808 W. Riverside Drive, #305, Burbank, CA 91505, USA. For inquiries, contact the highly qualified dentists via phone at 310-846-8800 or visit the dental office’s website for additional information.

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