Broadcast Asia 2021 Hosted by Singapore Concluded Beijing Radio And Television Technology Enterprises Achieved Fruitful Outcomes

July 22 05:57 2021

On the afternoon of July 16, Broadcast Asia 2021 was successfully concluded. This year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. In order to implement and promote China’s radio and television technology to “Go global”, we will vigorously promote overseas high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights. From 14 to 16 July, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau organized 20 radio and television companies and audio-visual technology enterprises, in the form of the China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion, to attend the exhibition, through a series of online activities such as product display, video promotion, audience invitation, media promotion, character interview, live video broadcast and cloud signing, to comprehensively display the innovative products of Beijing Radio and Television and Network Audiovisual Technology Enterprises. The exhibition will showcase the innovative products and technical achievements of Beijing radio, television and network audio-visual technology enterprises, providing a good platform for enterprises to expand development opportunities and carry out domestic and international cooperation.

Cloud Signing Helps Tech Companies Expand Opportunities

Through the China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion, 20 radio and television companies and audio-visual technology enterprises introduced their products and technologies by live video broadcast. Visitors and exhibitors interacted with each other in real time, thus precisely matching demand and target customers, reaching cooperation intentions and signing agreements on technology and product transactions, to truly realize “live commerce”.

“Made in China” Demonstrates the Strength of Innovative Technology

The China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion fully demonstrated innovative technological strength of “Made in China”. The enterprises involved used live video to promote their latest products and solutions to domestic and international audiences, showcasing their new products, services and technologies, and representing its latest developments to the world. The three-day live webcast attracted over 50,000 online viewers from home and abroad.

As the first overseas-oriented exhibition for Beijing radio, television and network audio-visual technology enterprises in the post-epidemic period, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television insists on combining “going global” and “bringing in”, and constantly optimizes the format and content of the the China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion. With the aim of empowering enterprises with “intelligence”, it will build an international promotion platform for them in the post-epidemic period, provide diversified promotion channels, and help Chinese brands to start a new journey. The next step is to strengthen the tracking and service of the transaction results of the online exhibition, summarize and promote the new business forms, new services and new models of the exhibition, continue to optimize the business environment, and create conditions for subsequent transactions, deepen industry cooperation and promote integration and innovation.

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