Assan Releases the Official Video for The Chosen One

July 27 11:54 2021
Assan is a British-born rapper and songwriter. After his debut Mrs. Kennedy in 2010, he’s still striving for rap greatness with The Chosen One.

The rap industry welcomed Assan, a British rapper with over a decade of experience and a formidable body of work under his belt. The Chosen One was released on his official YouTube channel on the third of September 2020. 

Assan’s repertoire consists of his debut Mrs. Kennedy, and Late to The Game mixtape. His sound is as diverse as his influences, which number artists such as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Michael Buble, Ja Rule, Eminem, JME, Dave, and Frank Sinatra. 

He honed his craft by taking the best from the musicians he looks up to while also implementing his unique techniques and wordsmithing skills. Assan’s raps rely heavily on unique and intricate backing tracks that feature lifelike stringed instruments, deep bass, and heavy percussions. 

One of his trademarks is his ability to seamlessly use a strong British accent on both UK and American style beats. Aside from the exquisite choice of words and unique phrasing, his sense of rhythm and flow give a distinct touch to his songs.

Assan’s songs were featured on the popular vlog series called Daily Vee, which documents the life of the business mogul Gary Vaynerchuk. 

In addition to creating songs, Assan is also creating and posting wholesome videos meant to inspire and educate his fans, subscribers, and listeners. Some of his educational content includes “How to be more confident in 3 simple steps”, “Why you should wake up at 4 am”, “How to deal with Anxiety”, and many others. 

Assan has ventured to become one of the most popular musicians in the world while striving to use his influence to help whoever may be looking for a voice. Assan announced his plans to start multiple charities, aiming to give back to the community. 

Assan’s playlist features a variety of rap songs, including Mr. Officer, Prophecy, Confessions, Popstar, Better Days, Vibe, and many others. More information on Assan can be found on his official social media page.

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