The Original Frameless Shower Doors Outline the Signs of a Damaged Shower Door

July 27 13:03 2021
The Original Frameless Shower Doors Outline the Signs of a Damaged Shower Door
The Original Frameless Shower Doors is a leading glass shower door company. A recent post on their site has outlined the signs of a damaged glass shower door.

Delray Beach, FL – The Original Frameless Shower Doors have highlighted the indicators that a glass shower door may need repairs. 

One of the most prominent signs of a not-so-functional frameless shower door in Delray Beach is visible cracks or chips. If neglected, the damage can spread and become so severe that the entire door could shatter. Instead of temporary solutions like filling the fissures with resin, it is best to replace them to avoid unnecessary damage and risk of injury.

Even frameless glass shower doors in Delray Beach have some metal fittings, like those on handles and hinges, and they will rust eventually with regular exposure to water. If rust builds and continues to expand, the resulting corrosion will weaken the door’s fit over time. Replace the old door to prevent it from collapsing.

One of the main functions of a Delray Beach frameless glass shower door installation is to keep water within the shower area. If one notices puddles on the floor after a shower, it’s a sign that the gaskets and seals aren’t in good shape. This escaped water can damage the floor over time and pose a slipping hazard.

Everyone loves a new, sparkling clean glass shower door, but mold and dirt will gradually accumulate because of moisture and soapy water. This generally happens if it doesn’t have a protective coating. As a result, the glass becomes discolored and difficult to clean when combined with a hard water stain.

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The Original Frameless Shower Doors is the oldest and largest frameless shower door company in Florida. It is the only company licensed and certified to manufacture, sell, and install its shower door products. With decades of experience, they are committed to offering custom-built affordable shower enclosures that perfectly fit individual client’s shower openings.

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