Flieber Helps Maintain Optimal Stock Levels by Synchronizing Sales Pace and Inventory Availability

August 03 01:39 2021
The company introduces the inventory optimization tool built for the modern online retailer.

Successful online stores have found the perfect balance of sales and inventory — always having enough stock to service high sales velocity. Many online retailer woes, however, involve inventory mishaps like stockouts and overstocks. For example, in 2016, retailers lost an estimated $1.75 trillion due to stockouts, overstocks and returns. With the recent growth of retail, this number may well be close to $2 trillion today. Tech company Flieber understands that avoiding going out of stock is not as simple as ordering more inventory or excelling at forecasting. And it offers online retailers a sophisticated, multi-layered approach to sales and inventory that inspires lasting results that keep their sales strong year by year.

Flieber focuses on helping multi-channel online retailers optimize their inventory and efficiently operate their supply chains. Their system uses advanced data analytics and machine learning to connect with real-time sales forecast, inventory availability and supply-chain decisions. With its assistance, entrepreneurs can optimize their inventory availability and sales pace to prevent stockouts, costs and receding margins.

Online retailers need to create a smart workflow to unify their sales pace and inventory availability. The insights from each will help them take back control of their supply chain, optimize their inventory and shield their business from the need to take drastic actions that can hinder future sales and growth.

Basic Hardware, an online retailer, shared their experience in working with Flieber: “Flieber enabled us to plan our financials throughout the year in a way that allowed us to not only save money but also have our product available 100 percent of the time. We had no idea how much money we were losing due to stockouts, and Flieber solved that with a cost that is just a fraction of those losses.”

Unlike other tools on the market that force entrepreneurs to choose between focusing on sales or inventory, Flieber uses advanced algorithms to merge sales and inventory optimization for better decision-making across the board. This allows them to set up a system that lets them check how fast stockouts occur so that they can monitor inventory levels in real-time. With the collected information, they can set up automated reorder points and stock alerts to fit their brand’s sales peaks and lows and ensure they never get blindsided by stockouts and costly human errors.

Competition in e-commerce is increasingly fierce, and the margin for error is small. Online retailers are playing the long game by finding more ways to perfect their systems and processes, so there has never been a more critical time for them to lay out-of-stock issues to rest than the present.

More information can be found at http://www.flieber.com.

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Flieber is a technology company focused on helping multi-channel online retailers optimize their inventory and efficiently operate their supply chains.

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