Amanda Cullity Interiors Goes Organic

December 07 19:18 2021

Amanda Cullity Interiors is a boutique residential interior design firm focussing on indoor-outdoor connections and making healthy, tranquil spaces for families to live in.

With design principles based on biophilic design, Amanda Cullity Interiors is always striving to create interiors which are at one with the natural world – both stylistically and also in terms of sustainability.

“These days, more people are interested in where their interior products come from and their environmental credentials,” says Amanda of Amanda Cullity Interiors.  “We want to create tranquil interiors which are good for our clients and also good for the planet.” 

The aim of biophilic design is to reconnect people with nature and as a result, improve their health and wellbeing by reducing stress, aiding healing, and improving cognitive function and mood.

Amanda Cullity Interiors applies clever space planning with consideration of the function and flow of traffic, and designs large openings to outdoor spaces (allowing access and views to the garden, cross ventilation & natural light) to help make the inhabitants feel more connected to nature and therefore more tranquil and centred as they go about their daily lives.

Conrad the Japoodle having a contemplative moment in a sunny spot indoors

Stylistically Amanda Cullity Interiors utilises natural materials such as timber and rattan, breathable paint such as limewash, stone and tile surfaces, and natural fibres for curtaining, carpets, and upholstery wherever possible.  Lush plants are strategically placed inside the completed spaces to blur the line between the interior and the exterior.  The plants also act to purify and oxygenate the air inside.

More can be done with homes to mimic nature, such as adding automated lighting which decreases in intensity as the day becomes evening (making for a better night’s sleep) and choosing organic shapes rather than the omnipresent rectilinear ones as seen in most houses.  Current furniture and décor design embraces this look with its curved and irregular, sometimes asymmetrical shapes and natural looking colours, textures, and materials.

Irregular and curved shapes as seen in Jardan Furniture

Organic motifs are often seen in decorative interior elements like fabrics, wallpapers, homewares, area rugs and artworks, so there is a lot to play with when it comes to pulling together an organic interior scheme.  An interior layered with natural materials, organic forms, live plants, garden views, organic motifs, smart lighting, climate control & ventilation and even a curated scent or soundscape, can come together and be a really relaxing place to live.

‘Maternal Bond’ Sculpture by Michael Knight, Artist, Image courtesy of Michael Knight

“In times like these when we are spending more of our time indoors, it has never been more important to let a bit of the natural world inside and create that important connection with nature… I’m not that fond of bugs and spiders however,” says Amanda with a wry grin… ”They can stay out!” 

About Amanda Cullity

Amanda Cullity is the founder of Amanda Cullity Interiors on the West Coast of Australia in Perth, Western Australia.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and environmental design and practices as an interior designer.  She has a love of the natural world and developed a very early interest in plants and gardens and interior design.

Amanda Cullity

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