Bililhon, a Promising New Born Token Finally Launched

January 11 16:12 2022

Bililhon ($BION) is a new born token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), was launched at the beginning of the year 2022 on PancakeSwap. The liquidity is locked forever to assure this token is not a rug and pull scheme.

The creator, Rehellinen Todellisuus invented the Bililhon token for the purpose of providing passive income for its holders, with a unique rate distribution. The creator and the team’s ambition is to make this token the most valuable token in the world of cryptocurrencies.


In a medium post, Rehellinen Todellisuus said these words to the current and future holders of Bililhon Token:

“Your Future is with Bililhon
Bililhon exists for the future you,
for a passive income that sustains.

You want to see that compound interest
and all the joy that it contains,
the steady and impressive gains.

As currency supply goes down
zeroes in the price will break,
adding further to the market cap.

When so much value is at stake
and token in such short supply,
you want to see those numbers up
until your profits reach the sky.

We are the cryptocurrency
that will surpass all others.

We will not rest until we achieve
everything in which we believe,

a market tailor made for those
who saw Bililhon and chose
to be a part of tomorrow,

to ride the market to the top
away from all life’s sorrows.

We strive to breathe abundance
to our buyers, to their families.

Bililhon is built to survive,
to stand up to competition and FUD
and to let investors thrive.

Study the charts close as you can
and watch your interest grow.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised
how far a few tokens can go.

Your retirement comes closer
when you have Bililhon in tow

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These words showed how serious he is about his ambitions.

Bililhon token was created with a limited supply of just 10,000,000 in which only 10% of this supply has already been sold. This shows as how new this token is and how big is its growth potential in the future.

In an article in a medium, Rehellinen Todellisuus tell us this on his short story:

“There is only one place to start, and that is at the beginning. No one ever built a cryptocurrency empire overnight, but all empires have to start somewhere…”

“There is a long way to go, but if you get in now, it could take you to places that you never imagined.”

More info:

“This project looks quite promising, you don’t want to miss this. Check it out for yourself!”

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