Traditional salted fish that has been operating for 45 years for the second generation… Luxury salted seafood to lead K-food

May 19 11:56 2022

Jeotgal, which has been established as a central axis of Korean food culture for a long time, is called a rice thief and is gaining great popularity as K-food not only for the people but also around the world. The secret effort of the craftsman acts as an important factor as much as any other food through the entire process of making salted fish, where the harmony of each ingredient, including the combination of salt and living things, air, time, and temperature, determines the quality of taste.

MANNA FOODRANG Inc. (CEO Jo Jae-seoung) is a specialized company that sticks to traditional know-how through optimal natural conditions in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, Korea, and insists on only luxury salted seafood that has been aged at a constant temperature to add depth of flavor and aroma.

CEO Jo Jae-seoung said, “We are directly manufacturing and processing in the locality. It is recognized as a healthy food representative of Sokcho, so the customer’s repurchase rate is high.”

While fermented jeotgal was a traditional jeotgal produced by adding high-concentration salt to enhance preservation, MANNA FOODRANG focusing on developing new products as a health functional food by succeeding and developing low-salt seasoned jeotgal.

MANNA FOODRANG Inc.’s representative salted seafood includes salted shrimp that gives kimchi a savory taste, as well as cod roe, flounder, octopus, sea urchin, scallops, squid, and octopus.

MANNA FOODRANG Inc.’s salted seafood, which has maintained its taste unchanged for 45 years since the time of its ancestors, adopts a low-temperature aging method, and maintains a systematic taste by controlling the fermentation rate with refrigeration technology that matches the trend in favor of low-salt salted salted fish.

Strict cleaning and inspection processes are spurring the production of clean salted fish.

MANNA FOODRANG Inc. and Seasoned Salted jeotgal are low-salt salted salt of 4%.

It is said to be very good for health, and the purchase rate of mothers is the highest.

Under the slogan of “a company that makes people healthy and happy,” MANNA FOODRANG Inc., which has captured the taste buds of consumers with over half a century of know-how, has become a representative salted seafood company in Sokcho, Gangwon-do.

CEO Jo Jae-seoung, who said that it is safe to see the product from the aging process to the packaging stage, announced his goal to achieve ‘Korea’s No. 1.’ He also said that he plans to export to the US to expand overseas markets, and that he will continue research and development with the goal of promoting the excellence of Korean traditional food to the world.

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