My Crypto Soccer To Democratize Decision Making In Soccer Teams By Launching The World’s First Fan-Created DAO

May 24 02:25 2022
My Crypto Soccer To Democratize Decision Making In Soccer Teams By Launching The World's First Fan-Created DAO
The group hopes to leverage the power of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), to buy all the shares of soccer teams and give fans the ability to vote on key decisions, including hiring administrators, managers and players, selling image rights, selling players NFTs, and much more.

My Crypto Soccer is delighted to announce the launch of a new DAO, established to allow true soccer fans to have the rights in the decision-making process of a soccer team they plan to purchase.

By leveraging the power of a decentralized autonomous organization, true soccer fans will be able to combine their resources to purchase all the shares of a soccer team, so they can democratize the decision-making process as they deem fit.

In addition to choosing which teams to acquire, members of the new fan-created DAO will be responsible for hiring administrators, managers and players, selling image rights, selling player NFTs, developing play-to-earn games (P2E), making investments, general management, as well as merchandising and partnerships decisions.

While the acquisition of soccer teams is the group’s primary focus, My Crypto Soccer has developed other mediums by which its members can begin enjoying financial benefits long before purchasing any team by the DAO.

To become a member of the fan-created decentralized autonomous community, interested soccer fans will have to acquire and hold any of their 35 million NFTs, which have been divided into four different categories.

The My Crypto Soccer`s Series 1 NFTs were created to function as the DAO’s membership ticket and will grant holders access to exclusive events, an initial allocation of the group’s native token ($MYCS), future fantokens from each partner team they partner, as well as many others amazing benefits.

Currently, the My Crypto Soccer NFTs Gallery is accessible on OpenSea. The developers have also revealed that returns from the sale of the group`s NFTs will be directed towards marketing activities, collaborations, operating expenditures, partnerships, and initial fund creation.

The tokenomics of the $MYCS virtual coin will stipulate that each holder of the My Crypto Soccer NFTs will be awarded free $MYCS tokens, proportional to the value of NFTs they obtain from the Series 1 NFT collection 

And while all members of the DAO will participate in the decision-making process, each membership ticket will have a uniquely different benefit, with priority given to those who hold rare and exclusive My Crypto Soccer NFTs Series 1.

Anyone interested in learning more about this revolutionary project – that seeks to direct power into the hands of loyal soccer fans, can visit the My Crypto Soccer website to read its whitepaper or reach out directly to the developers via the contact info below.

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