DavidTurnerMusic’s Twitch Channel is an Immersive Visuals and Auditory Experience for Music Lovers

May 30 22:48 2022
DJ David Turner brings his techno, progressive house and melodic house sets to a live Twitch music stream, where he works his magic on the mixer for many hours at a time.

DJ David Turner brings his techno, progressive house and melodic house sets to a live Twitch music stream, where he works his magic on the mixer for as long as nine hours at a time. His audibly hypnotic live streams are elevated to the next level with mesmerizing visual effects, which Turner deploys via a StreamDeck and deck pedal system, that allow him to seamlessly create the visuals without skipping a futuristic beat. The creative DJ ups the ante once more with nightclub-style lighting and backdrops, as well as a large LED TV that plays mystical images behind him.

The Twitch DJ and host hopes that this full sensory experience will open up people’s ears and eyes to a wealth of possibilities.

As he shares: “It’s really exciting to see how far one can push the envelope when it comes to these streaming platforms.”

It’s no surprise that Twitch channels like DavidTurnerMusic really got their footing during the height of the covid-19 pandemic when people were looking for more enriching experiences from the comfort and safety of their homes. For Turner, his own DJing skills, combined with his video jockey aptitude, resulted from spending the pandemic streaming, as well as learning After Effects for modifying and creating entertaining layers. As a result, his virtual set now includes effects such as bubbles and confetti, that the audience can enjoy with a simple click of a button. That’s not something typical audience members can do IRL and is just some of the fun that Turner has to offer his crowd.

Through the channel, Turner is focused on creating a community feeling where people can share in the good vibes and express their love for music. This is why the DJ recently began incorporating chat viewer profile photos into the stream and animating them into the show; he wants viewers to feel appreciated and valued in each and every stream.

About David Turner:

David Turner isn’t new to the streaming scene and viewers might recognise him from former Twitch channel, HouseMusicAsylumTV, which the DJ ran for several years with the idea of creating a home for house music lovers and it even included 25 guest DJs during its existence.

Building on that experience, the new channel is all about expanding beyond the classic house music genre and playing whatever he wants to, from peak hour techno right on through to melodic house.

As a Twitch DJ, Turner offers his DavidTurnerMusic channel audience a visually-appealing live stream with the best techno and house music, all delivered with his magnetic and energetic personality.

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