Keep up with the pace of the digital age and create a new wealth of e-commerce

May 31 01:10 2022

It is reported that the Internet of Things International E-commerce Co., Ltd., to get through the online and offline business strategy, users install shopping APP through the QR code, stickers, video playback and other display technologies, to achieve better e-commerce effect.To this end, Cisco has established an Internet of Things service platform, so that more users can gain profits and share their wealth.

Since its establishment, iot International has been growing in the industry with its successful operation strategy, product strategy and merger and acquisition strategy.It has now become one of the hottest stocks in the Internet wave.So, how does iot International create wealth through online shopping, video streaming, and multimedia operations?

1. Four advantages of international characteristic strategy, evaluation service, characteristic implementation and management service guarantee China Airlines brushing play.

Iot International brushing uses the Cisco Wulian e-commerce platform, including both users and Merchants. We can log in the Merchant’s number on the computer and the user’s number on the mobile phone.Generally speaking, users will search into the store according to the keywords, and passwords.Merchants can also imitate this search method to enter the store in the process of brushing orders.For example: your baby title is ‘super good sweet water’, then you can use any of the keywords in this title to quickly find your baby to see your baby, so as to enter your store, for example, you can use “water super sweet water”, “water super good drink” and other keywords to enter your store.Find you want to brush baby page, the mouse to slowly browse, like we go to search other people’s baby products, open a page, from beginning to end, attract a little stay, don’t like to look down, imitate the customer shopping behavior, and then directly when you go to brush baby and shop, can take directly, this step according to brush the Merchant to do, because some Merchants need to change price, address, and then need real delivery, must have logistics records.In this way, after the successful brushing will earn the corresponding commission, the more brushing orders, the more commission to earn.

2. Wulian International has established a learning base through cooperation with many media.

All users have free access to IOT’s online products, technology and certification courses anywhere, including video lectures and hands-on labs.Ready-made commercial realization pages for various public domain media, deeply customized cooperation solutions according to media needs, using e-commerce capabilities to solve media website problems; rich gameplay alliance (such as live short video content, stimulating gameplay) combined with media work to create greater value for users in multi-modal communication. Focus on the personal field, through continuous participation and group promotion, continuous participation, public account payment, and other ways to find beauty, help the industry increase sales, and create new business possibilities in social groups.

3. Iot International has a strong comprehensive operation and service system.

Relying on the leading advantages of the industry, Wulian International collects and selects innovative projects and teams, and provides technical service platform, team integration, industry resource docking and other services.Establish a strong security comprehensive service system, senior professional and technical team, to ensure the information and income security of each partner, improve the guarantee service system, through the cooperation with third-party institutions, to ensure the safety of various funds.At the same time, Wulian International’s cross-border collection implement multi-currency receipt, multi-platform unified management and innovative value-added functions to meet the needs of global users.

In the future, Wulian International will, as always, with professional as the backing, to create value for customers as the goal, with “pay attention to society, excellence” as the goal, tirelessly, unswervingly, explore the road of industry marketing development, and work together with everyone to create wealth and brilliant.

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