Deepsquare could be the best market solution for decentralized cloud.

June 03 00:54 2022

Decentralised cloud computing is considered by many as the next step in the evolution of the internet. In the age of blockchain, decentralized applications also known as dApps such as cryptocurrencies, games, decentralized exchanges etc. are driving demand and leading to the emergence of newcomers in this space, such as DeepSquare.

The incumbent oligopoly in the forms of AWS, GCP and Azure today cater to many blockchains with their distributed approach. But distributed is not decentralized is it? A centralized authority such as AWS cannot really serve the decentralized needs of Web3 projects.

Decentralized ICloud Ecosystem

With centralized or distributed cloud, a central authority can arbitrarily decide to not serve customers for one reason or another. Another frequent complaint has to do with the lack of transparency in pricing with many customers citing unexpected charges which remained a mystery due to the level of billing detail provided by the cloud companies.

Also, it has been reported that although scaling up resources is easy in particular AWS, but with a lack of proper planning this can result in runaway charges and stale resources that require manual effort to decommission. Several companies shared that they have dedicated resources, at a cost of $300K in annual salary, to monitor and manually decommission resources.

Compute needs are ever-growing, thanks largely to the digital transformation of the economy, the rapid adoption of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3.

Whether decentralized or centralized, cloud computing is facing one more challenge that cannot be ignored or suppressed with greenwashing. This challenge is sustainability, and it is a multidimensional issue.

The vast amount of electricity needed to power and subsequently cool servers and networking equipment is one of the main challenges the industry faces. According to Bloomberg in 2021, about 1% of the world’s energy was used to power the cloud and with the advent of augmented-reality/virtual-reality and the increased demand on high performance computing for AI, this will only grow.

The electronic waste produced by the industry, and the chemicals used in coolants and batteries for backup-power along with their unsustainable mining and sourcing method are other areas for concern and the disposal/recycling of such batteries and coolants could have a negative impact on the environment if not managed properly.

Furthermore, it can be argued that certain large-scale uses of cloud computing add little or no societal value and that the proof of work cryptocurrency mining industry (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) alone could produce enough CO2 to lead to a 2°C warming by 2050 and making old data such as emails instantly available to all is equivalent to adding hundreds of thousands of medium-haul flights per year.

However, it is not just power consumption. It is not just the resulting CO2 emissions. This challenge requires a holistic approach, that includes both hardware and software, as well as the people and organizational culture.

This is where DeepSquare comes in. The DeepSquare project is building an interoperability layer allowing anyone to request professional-grade compute resources anywhere in the world. This is the web as it should be: borderless and actor agnostic. With a mission to support innovation in Europe and beyond and to offer a true alternative to the hyperscalers by providing world-class decentralized, sustainable, and managed High-Performance Computing (HPC) as an Ecosystem, the DeepSquare project is a community-led project. The community actively participates in governance.

Further, DeepSquare delivers cutting-edge High-Performance Computing services. Metaverse builders, AI engineers, data scientists, researchers, artists and physicists have everything they require in order to build the future in one ecosystem. Hardware and software are optimized for performance and impact.

DeepSquare is the solution for real-world issues while also, without a doubt, setting new standards in a sustainable future.

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