London’s Raindance Film School Introduces a new BA Programme that is delivered across 3 continents, over 3 years

June 07 20:33 2022

Raindance offers filmmaking and Acting courses to students all over the world.

Raindance, founded by Elliot Grove in 1992, was established to provide a platform for independent filmmakers through a simple thought experiment; can you make a film with no money, no training and no experience?  Today, the organization operates one of the largest independent film festivals in Europe and has set the standard for professional training courses and promoting independent filmmaking across the world.

Raindance delivers short courses through 10 international hubs; Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver and Guadalajara.  

The Raindance Film School, the organization’s higher education institute offers accredited qualifications such as HND, BA and MA programmes in Filmmaking and Performing arts through its London and Dubai campuses.  With the launch of a new campus in Guadalajara, Mexico, Raindance Film School is now introducing a brand new BA programme for candidates who wish to travel and experience new cultures throughout their study.  The programme will offer two pathways, Filmmaking and Screen Acting, and will lead to students achieving a BA Hon’s Degree in Film and Performing Arts Practices, validated by De Montfort University after completing the three-year study programme.

Students will start their journey in London or online, where they will be inducted into the programme and their chosen pathway.  They will then travel to Dubai where they will study towards the Level 4 Certificate.  After completing the first year, students will travel to Guadalajara, Mexico where they will progress onto the Level 5 Diploma.  Upon successful completion of the second year, students will return to London where they will complete the final year to achieve a BA Hon’s Degree in Film and Performing Arts Practices.   For students who speak Spanish as a first language, the school offers an alternative programme whereby the first year is delivered in Mexico and is combined with English classes.  This prepares students to progress to the Dubai campus in the second year followed by London for their final year. 

The school provides a full relocation package for each year to students which includes visa costs and the first month’s accommodation at each destination.  After this, students have options to relocate depending on their requirements.

Despite the unique structure of the course and the opportunities that it presents, The Raindance Film School has set the tuition fees for this course to be extremely affordable, to ensure the school remains inclusive and accessible to all, following the philosophy Raindance was founded upon 30 years ago.  The International BA is considerably cheaper for international students than studying all three years in London.    

“Our courses, classes and workshops are some of the most popular in the world, spanning disciplines and crafts such as screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, special effects, editing, lighting, sound and short filmmaking, to name just a few. Over the last 30 years, we’ve had the honor of teaching the art of film to students in cities around the world, including London, Toronto, LA, Berlin and Paris, as well as online”, said Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance.

Zulfiqar Choudhry, Principal at Raindance Film School said “Filmmaking is a global industry, and over the duration of this unique course, our International BA students will experience filmmaking and acting in three vastly different cultures that will greatly enhance their learning experience and employment opportunities.  In their final year, they will return to London to join the Top-Up BA (Hon’s) in Film and Performing Arts Practices, where they will have the opportunity to apply everything they have learned. This is a practical, hands-on course that builds upon the skills you develop as you progress each year. It is a full-time University-level course and is eligible for student finance for UK applicants.”

Apart from offering students a unique study program, Raindance Film School provides its students with a thorough and detailed curriculum, covering the whole three-year journey. The BA program prepares students for a range of roles and employment opportunities within their chosen field of study. 

The program is perfect for people who have a keen interest in filmmaking and love to travel.

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