Mtfexg: Crypto’s Excruciating Week

June 20 20:42 2022
Recently, Mtfexg launched global nodes plan.

Compared with fiat currency, cryptocurrency has better opportunities for asset appreciation–Mtfexg provides you with some guides here. Learn about ways to grow cryptocurrencies here.

We all want to maximize our wealth. Financial independence lies not only in having wealth, but also in being more in control of one’s own life, being able to choose the future and living freely and independently.

Why not consider traditional finance?

You probably don’t remember the last time the bank paid quarterly interest into your savings account. That’s because you may not even notice the interest rate of less than 1% every three months.

Considering the depreciation of deposits in bank accounts over time, we are not sure whether the term “savings account” still has meaning. It can’t stand the surging inflation and will only shrink year after year.

On the other hand, stocks are manipulated by market whales. Whales are familiar with the market. They can influence the market at will. You are still thinking hard about opportunities. They have already made profits. Ordinary people rarely get rich.

Oh, traditional commodities may indeed be a good hedge, but their return rate is not a good investment asset for most people at all. continue to discuss other assets, but the final conclusion will be the same: it’s time to find a better choice.

Please don’t get the opinion wrong, not saying that other investments are poor, or that you shouldn’t have a savings account or invest in stocks. Just when making other investments, it is also worth paying attention to the new way of owning and increasing funds brought by cryptocurrency.

The return of cryptocurrency is higher.

In the past decade, many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have performed better than most traditional assets. This is why retail investors and well-known institutional investors have invested billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, many cryptocurrencies, like gold, are deflationary. Its total amount is written into the underlying infrastructure through hard coding, that is, the blockchain that cannot be manipulated. This kind of limited supply formula makes the value of cryptocurrency rise as the demand increases.

The attraction of cryptocurrency lies in its decentralization. This means that there will be no centralized entity behind the scenes.

In addition, after purchasing cryptocurrency, the real owner of the assets is yourself, not the company or the bank. Just you. This also gives you more possibilities to increase your capital. Let’s take a look at how to achieve it.

Ways to increase encrypted assets

It’s true. Your cryptocurrency is kept by you. Click a few buttons. Then “click”. You have one or even three sources of income. So, what are your options?

Cryptographic currency lending

As you may have noticed, banks will use user’s deposits to lend money, and the interest rate is very high. The interest user earn is only nine Niu Yi cents of what they get from using user’s money.

There are no banks in the cryptocurrency world. Only you, others and decentralized lending platforms. Through these platforms, you can directly lend money to borrowers and earn interest.

Power is in hand. Be in control. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But don’t worry! There are more options.

Pledge of interests.

Pledge is one of the hottest topics in cryptocurrency field. You can pledge directly through the Mtfexg ecosystem. This is a way to make money that belongs exclusively to the equity certification system on blockchain–traditional banks do not have this business.

When you pledge cryptocurrency, you actually lock it in the blockchain (until you withdraw it). Then, your cryptocurrency will help this blockchain run (you can learn more about how it works here). In exchange, you will get a considerable pledge reward. So in fact, it is an important passive source of income, which is why people are so keen on it.

Moreover, as long as you entrust the idle encryption funds for a period of time, you will actively participate in the safe and efficient operation of the network … so you will also feel good.

… and pledge directly through the Mtfexg verification node.

Did you know that you can now pledge directly from your Mtfexg hardware wallet through Ledger’s own verification node? Therefore, you can safely enter the pledge world with full returns through the platform you already know and trust. Learn how to verify the node access pledge for yourself through Mtfexg here.

Income farming.

As in the real world, large cryptocurrency fund pools (such as exchange fund pools) have been looking for liquidity providers. This means that you and I can both get rewards by including assets in the pool of funds, and at the same time enable users to trade quickly and easily. This method is called income farming.

In return, we will get interest (or annual yield in the form of cryptocurrency), and at the same time, we will also get tokens, which we can either hold or use on other platforms and get a return–at the same time, make use of the principal and the tokens we get to earn income returns. This ability is one of the biggest advantages of having cryptocurrency, also known as “composability” or “Lego bricks of wealth”. Why should we miss such an opportunity?


Besides, since the value of cryptocurrency depends on market demand, its value may increase with time and affect the value of your assets. Therefore, you can also achieve asset growth by holding cryptocurrencies safely.

It is worth noting that when you pledge or lend cryptocurrencies through wallet providers such as Mtfexg, you still have the corresponding cryptocurrencies, while they are still growing.

Mtfexg is the world’s top digital currency investment trading platform, providing investors with a compliant, safe and high-yield trading platform. Its website is

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