Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes to release a cookbook

June 28 02:27 2022
Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes will soon release his cookbook that will cater to people from different strata of society

Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes, who hails from Los Angeles, CA, dreamt of becoming a chef. His passion for cooking began at the young age of sixteen years. He understood his passion and love for making food. And as a result of which, he set out to make different kinds of cuisine.

Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes organized the Jacob Caterers Private dinner party at an Emmy producer’s home. So what was the program course at this dinner party curated by this talented and young chef? A full multi-course meal was one of the main highlights of this dinner party. Apart from that, there was great music and presentation that suited the style and atmosphere of this dinner party.

Chef Jacob was a personal chef for many eminent celebrities in Beverly Hills. His food has also been enjoyed by reputed producers.

Jacob Taylor Rhodes, bartender and server. He has a 5-star dining experience, and he brings this experience when he organizes elegant parties for his clients.

The chef has also worked at after party for Emmy awards.

According to Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes, “I love cooking different types of food. I experiment with different cuisine from different parts of the world. It has broadened my horizons in cooking, and I understand the various tastes and preferences of the clients well. With the wide kind of cuisines that I prepare, I can provide the clients with more food options.”

The chef also added that he had been catering to different events, both big and small. The chef had never discriminated against about catering any kind of event. He had treated all events with the same level of importance and care.

He has traveled globally to learn various cooking techniques and adapt new skill sets from the various mentors in different parts of the world.

Chef Jacob got featured in more than 100 articles due to his great dishes. His cooking skills have enamored people not only in the USA but also in Europe. People often come to watch him cook the different dishes. His plating of the food is so beautiful that it has been compared to Michelin star restaurants too.

He has been the recipient of many awards for his cooking all around California.

Next year, Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes wants to live and expand his ventures in various parts of Europe. The talented chef will also be releasing a cookbook that will cater to the needs of the people from different strata of the society, recipe prizes, cookware, techniques and tools for the audience, and many more.

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About Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes:

Chef Jacob Taylor Rhodes, a native of Los Angeles, had always dreamed of becoming a chef. He has traveled worldwide to learn various cooking techniques and adapt new skill sets from various mentors in various parts of the world. Chef Jacob worked as a personal chef in Beverly Hills for several well-known celebrities.

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