NLT Program LLC Continues to Reshape the Landscape of Turnkey Trucking

June 28 05:57 2022
NLT Program LLC is among the longest-standing turnkey trucking companies on the continent. The firm offers a host of custom turnkey trucking programs for business owners, as well as unique propositions for truck drivers.

Automated trucking solutions are becoming increasingly popular. With a myriad of lucrative opportunities, turnkey trucking investments are the go-to choice for investors seeking thousands of dollars worth of passive income. Contrary to popular belief, the risk of the trade is incomparably low to the risk of approaching a company with poor leadership and a murky reputation.

NLT Program LLC is widely regarded as the biggest name in the trucking industry, offering comprehensive and innovative startup trucking programs, a range of flexible options, and a proven track record of over 120 years. 

The company’s spokesperson described NLT Program as “a program designed to help investors achieve profitability and success in the trucking industry, and to create entrepreneurship for CDL drivers in owning their own truck.” Aside from numerous options for investors and entrepreneurs, NLT Program LLC also caters to the needs of drivers searching for work. 

The firm presents a unique proposition to drivers aged 23 or above with at least one year of confirmed experience, offering a host of innovative benefits, including weekly payments, dedicated & local runs, sign-on bonuses, non-forced dispatch, payments based on the percentage of load revenue (as opposed to mileage-based), and a variety of new semi-truck models. 

The main NLT Program LLC offering revolves around investors seeking to start a trucking business. Four custom options are currently available, each comprising different benefits:

“Through our program, you will become a fleet owner generating an average net profit of $6,000 per month, yielding a 75% return per year, and drivers will obtain entrepreneurship through our Gifting Program. Through our Gifting Program, drivers have the ability to own their truck free and clear after 3-4 years of continuous employment.”

The first and most popular NLT Program offering encompasses company setup; the facilitation of a semi-truck purchase; the recruitment, screening, and hiring of professional drivers; establishing a contract with a major motor carrier; daily management of the driver and truck, and payroll processing. 

Other options allow investors to introduce or remove certain elements from the contract, allowing them to pick and choose the terms upon which their company will be founded. Investors that already own a semi-truck and either possess or outsource management tools can apply for Option 04 and establish a contract with a major carrier while benefiting from payroll processing, repair management, and staff recruitment solutions. 

Investors without any experience in the trucking industry that wish to learn how to do trucking may find the third option more appealing. It envelops payroll processing setup, daily business management, establishing a long-term contract with a major carrier, and grounds-up organization of the new trucking business. 

More information about NLT Program LLC is available on the company’s official website.

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