Turkey Visa Application Online made the Visa application process fast and easy

June 28 02:28 2022

Turkey Visa Application Online made the Visa application fast, and an individual can complete the application process in just five minutes. Since there is no need to visit the embassy to get an e-Visa, the application process has become so much easy.

Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization, which is required by citizens of all foreign nationalities to enter Turkey. With the arrival of e-Visa in 2016, the application process became quite simple and can be done within three steps. Currently, the Turkey Visa Online is valid for 180 days from the date it is issued. Even though it provides 180-days’ validity, it can only be used to stay in the country for 90 days during each visit. Those who wish to make the application can visit www.turkey-visa-online.org and fill out the online application form with the necessary details. They will have to pay a fee using the online payment option to complete the application process. After the application process, it will be verified and an e-Visa will be directly sent to the applicant’s email after it. In common, an individual will receive the e-visa within 24 to 72 hours after the application is made.

Turkey Visa Requirements

The primary requirements for applying for a turkey e-Visa are a valid passport, email address, and credit/debit card details. The applicant must provide valid passport details and all other necessary information. If valid details are not provided, the application will get cancelled, and the individual will have to reapply again. Providing the correct email address is essential, as the e-Visa is obtained through email. Only ordinary passport holders are eligible for Turkey Visa Application Online. Those people with diplomatic passports, service passports, and emergency or temporary passports will have to visit the embassy for a paper Visa. The e-Visa obtained through an online application will be directly linked to the applicant’s passport. So they have to present the same passport, that they used for the e-Visa application at the airport.

Turkey Visa for Australian citizens

Australian citizens can enjoy the benefits of fast entry and easy Visa application via www.turkey-visa-online.org. They can visit Turkey using Turkey e-Visa via land, sea, or air. To be eligible to enter Turkey, Australian citizens must be in good health and should have good financial conditions. They will have to provide proof to show their financial stability. Another thing to remember is that the applicant should not have any criminal/terrorist history.

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